Raw Verisimilitude

I’ve been marveling lately over the recoursed voyage the past five/six months (Not to sound as if my vertical climb has evaded the sporadic rocky rumbles).

Truth is the striking reality of my ‘now’ subsists in the fact I can vaguely relate to yore-ish (long-ago) thoughts, feelings, and taxing mentalities I once carried, and with that, I rejoice and exult in this fresh season of elation.

Yes, coming back to Lee had clear, principal value.

However, the sound of a bittersweet symphony has not gone unnoticed either.

For as much as I still treasure the relationships and character/skill-growth opportunities that underscored my Lee ‘term’, eluding the scar-producing memories I still see in the mirror has proven rather grueling, as if trying to pry free from a thorny bush, with no evidence of its former fruit.

Yet, such a veracity has run thick through my veins: the past four days have reminded me how much I’ve moved on.

It’s an alien feeling no doubt, but one that has brought incredible consolation. Past transitional years (i.e. 2004, 2006, 2007) seemed to induce an old ‘self’ that remained overly attached to the 'antecedent world.'

For the first time in my life, I’m not struggling or finding difficulty in pressing onward. It’s one of the greatest emancipations I’ve ever experienced, and a sure-tell sign I've tapped into a higher, more mature lifestyle. Such a sweet settling...

Still I’ve been in a relatively raw zone lately. Perhaps current climatic changes of season have succeeded to arouse altered perspectives in both heart and mind.

However, as my final dish-out of verisimilitude for tonight, I will say inspirational sources have been disembarking from more realms that just the natural.

For now I'll leave the can of suspense open wide and exit with an equation for pondering: Two words. One man. One charge. One mission.

To be continued...


Sara D. said…
You have this unique way of writing cryptically enough to avoid "spilling your guts" to the Internet, yet poignantly enough that I feel like the reader can imbibe the message and feel as if they've seen a glimpse of your soul. It's such an intricate style. Many hopes and prayers that your climb continues to be one of edification and success, amigo!

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