The Power & Place of Prayer

Life has turned a corner, as April days, anointed with grace, remain authored by noble themes (a). Releasing the right to gasconade (b), I write to a variant tune. For I boast in the godly sincerity (c) of holy change, made complete by the challenge to fully embrace it. As vanilla twilights (d) amass, I am encouraged to press on into the fullness of faith, accepting the courage to step up and stay up (e). Filtering out any trace of “Me Monster (f)” from this blended brew, I write with the hope of triggering hope, especially on the heels of James Goll’s message on the power and place of prayer. To understand the power and place of prayer, we must first accept the truth that God cares more about the heart, intimacy and His love extended than insecurities that christen prayer as mundane, redundant and unnecessary. Prayer is the pre-requisite to perpetual faith. As A.J. Gordon (g) stated, “You can do more than pray after you have prayed; but you can never do more than pray until you have prayed.

Clearly, prayer operates with a designed purpose and order; however, what good is accomplished if prayer is not accompanied by "follow-through"? For prayer to be supported by progressive action, the church in American must start taking the power and place of prayer seriously and strategically. If prayer is abandoned, then calling is compromised. If calling is compromised, then function withers into motions. And if there is one fear I will not tolerate, it is the fear of settling and being satisfied (h).

Let’s consider the athlete. An athlete cannot perform as effectively without specific warm-ups relative to the sport. As the warm-up relaxes the muscle and increases flexibility, the functions of the athlete become enhanced. Essentially, the warm-up boosts performance and amplifies the follow through.

 Now, let’s relate this to spiritual warfare. God serves as our ultimate conditioning coach, who desires to see flexibility (surrenderance) mature as faith muscle builds. As these two elements work in tandem, greater dependence on the Holy Spirit begins to solidify.

Like RoundUp (i), the duo of faith and submission can exterminate the worldly weeds that stunt spiritual fruit development. And when liquid levels run low, the sprayer can be pumped to better the progression of the fluid flow with greater accuracy.

So how does this pertain to prayer? Well, prayer is unique in the sense it is both the solution and the warm-up that tones our virtue, integrity and relationship with God. Prayer is the organic cleanser that extinguishes harassing principalities. Furthermore, pure prayer contradicts the ways of the comfortable Christian, by connecting heart to Scripture, deep to Deep and calling to suffering. It transforms an “Amen” to a bold declaration that we, as the body of Christ, will share in the hardships that break us. How can we experience true peace if there’s not a trial to substitute it with?

I bid farewell with a final charge: pump up the prayer! Believe in the Christ-filled victories that will come as He reinforces your spiritual stamina. Do not be afraid to serve the Lord with prayer that doesn’t quitj. God’s love is a downpour, and though we are mere mists, we can still relish joy of communing AND communicating with Him! The next time you dive into the Word, remember you are exercising every fiber of your heart, mind, soul and strength towards the perfection of God’s will. He never lets go, so why not do the same?


a. Psalm 45:1-2
b. Jactitation, brag, vaunt, fanfaronade
c. Psalm 45:2
d. Second favorite Owl City song
e. Damascus interventions can be premiere blessings
f. Brian Reagan at his finest
g. Thank you, James Goll
h.;postID=1556872860140337259 (Originally written on July 21, 2008)
i. For a homemade solution, try white vinegar, salt and dishwashing liquid
j. See 1 Thessalonians 5:17, Romans 1:9, Psalm 35:15

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