The Scenic Route

My life hasn’t exactly followed an enviable script. Then again, I don’t live for the screenplay. So why, then, would I relativize the touchstones of faith by unwarranted contrasting?

Some say you can’t change the road you’ve been on, only the direction from present place. While I sincerely agree, I diverge from the majority who consider “change” to be the key word, when in fact, it is “you”. A road cannot be changed by the minds and hands of man, but it can be reconciled by a God who is infinitely stronger than the summation of mankind’s efforts and effects.

To be reconciled is to encounter change. You cannot separate redemption and renewal from transformation. Such a partition is impossible, especially in light of the Cross.

Still, we are human. We fall short of glory and build bastions comprised of balderdash. At times, we take unauthorized detours, waste time down dead-ends and smash into guardrails along the way, enabling our crash and burns to leave us feeling like trash in turns. And as the dust settles at the point our eyes open, the weight of shame can feel like a hop, skip and a run away. So to compensate, we place the brunt of focus on our own vehicle repair, forgetting to zoom out and embrace the grace that renovates our sorry roads into scenic routes.

Think of it this way: God has a perfect conversion track record. He uses the crap of our poor decision-making and the fruit of our good decision-making and forms them into something far more beautiful than we could dare to imagine or achieve. So why is it we hang our heads so low when we can’t find anything to hang our hats on? I would submit we often make the mistake of allowing the past to be the primary affirmation source concerning how we live today. We give control to the road already taken, not the God who created the road. We grant access to flawed antiquity, believing guilt trips can save us from stumbling into the rank sewers of self. But does this not qualify as the balderdash mentioned above? Why not accept the powerful love of God, with infinite grace to cover every diversion, every deviation from the one narrow path? For the Lord desires all people to walk in the fulfillment of holy call, as Paul talks about in Ephesians and Galatians. We are called to live in the grace of Christ AND by his grace; we were called to be free (note the past tense) and to encounter the riches of his glorious inheritance. Seriously, does this bear any resonance to the sorry road mentality? I think not.

So do yourself a favor and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Let God repave your roads so you may experience freedom, joy and the life God has for you. The scenic route is given to all, not just to the elected elite. Don’t permit any stronghold to interfere in the execution of righteous perspective. Your life is not a sorry road; it is emphatically and without a doubt, a scenic route worth traveling on.

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