Proposal Song - "Dear Love, I'm Finally Home"

Ok, so it isn't perfect. But she still loved it anyway. :) And at least the lyrics are decent:

Verse 1

When he was a child, he talked like a young man
Blessed with a dream before his life began
He knew

And boy grew in stature, he started to realize
How nothing compared to looking in the eyes
Of one he prayed for
Of one he would adore


And when the one is found
The journey starts anew
As worlds collide
Two hearts betide
To pen new love in tome

And as the pages fill
Divine unraveling
Flames love sincere
It's clear, my dear
You are my heart
Dear love, I'm finally home

Verse 2

When she walked into light and (en)raptured attention
Sweetening life into awestruck completion
He knew

And time ticked on by, they would understand glory
Narrating joy in an unfolding story
Of how one came from two
Of how I will love you


This I pledge to you
To honor and be true
My deep, I'll always bring
Can this be happening?

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