Almost "Home"

In two short weeks, I will be a married man - husband to the woman dreams can never capture. And as I prepare a place for her, I am filled with rapturous rhapsody, yet overcome with exotic emotion. For I cannot, for the life in me, locate any expressive means to convey the firework of fervor within. And as I live out the final 378 hours as a supremely conquered bachelor, I am discovering indefinable peace amidst such a vulnerable uprising.

Still, the whispers of “Mrs. Fry” crescendo in my ears. From sidewalk to greenway, I tread the earth in a cloud of butterflies. To say I’m nervous would be a huge understatement. But how can I not be in the wake of fulfilled companionship? Of two individuals becoming one flesh? A divine romance starting out on a journey for the ages? It’s all part of what cannot be entirely fathomed this side of heaven. Yes, perfect love drives out fear, but it sure cannot drive out the flame of desire, cure impatience and stabilize an eager heart.

My prayers now eye a supernatural calm to contest the readiness. I’ve been waiting for this day my whole life. Excitement itself could compose a prelude to the paradise forthcoming.

No wonder Paul led off with "love is patient"...


There comes a point in almost every engagement, when the physical, emotional and spiritual synergy between two love-struck individuals reaches a pivotal point. Many couples can relate to being "marriage ready" months before the big day. Lyssah and I certainly know the feeling. However, it's important for fiancés to engage an important truth during the anticipation stage. No matter the feeling, the waiting is never in vain. When every emotion, desire and hope is bowed before the Lord, greater reliance and dependence on the Spirit fills us and ultimately leads us to a fresh appreciation of the very things necessary to live a good and godly life. And as dependence is sown, endurance and perfected patience are two of the many fruits reaped in return. Strength rides on waiting and resting, yielding and obeying. Such is the recipe for supernatural calm - something I needed desperately last week...

How great is our God to reveal the vastness of his grace through his provisions for us. For every season, He knows exactly how to equip us for His glory. For every season, He must always be enough...

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