Fast Food Faith

Have you ever faced a situation when intimate spirituality met the proverbial Big Mac on the road to maturation? When the idea of holy relationship as endless feast faded into the occasional drive-thru experience? Has Christianity ever been like fast food religion to you? If so, you’re not alone.

In today’s world, many struggle with the concept of daily communion with God. And despite 21st century transparency, confusion continues to spread as more self-proclaimed believers reference God only when absolutely necessary. Ironically, the problem with partial desire lies in a blindness to itself. As a culture, we’re adulterating worship with false substitutes. Instead of the absolute, we prize the irresolute; instead of glorification, we prefer desensitization to sacred wonder, in part, so we can ditch accountability to what truly matters. And as commitment compromises, we lose equitable sight on key relational truths, such as why a consecrated lifestyle and godly fear are essential and how holistic holiness connects to our true identity.

Bottom line: We were not uniquely designed by infinite hands for finite relationship. We were formed out of godliness and power. Why be a 2 Timothy 3:5 and Hosea 4:6 Christian by denying or even abandoning the truth of the Gospel? For if we stop to ponder the “how much” factor of God’s nature, we wouldn’t settle for fast food faith; we would realize there’s a banquet hall with a reserved seat waiting for us.

Perhaps our self-initiated diet on intimacy is a protective mechanism to blockade rejection? Perhaps we believe stolidity will preserve our desire to be incandescently happy? Perhaps the only food we think about is forbidden fruit, and the terror of screwing up keeps us from noticing the mouthwatering feast around the corner?

Whatever the case may be, are we aware, as men and women created by the Almighty, of our infinite value, of God’s faithfulness to perpetuate promise and desire for our prosperity no matter where we are? I admit, in a culture where independence is strength and instant gratification is prized, the idea of spiritually dining with God can be an uncomfortable notion. And as much as we relish the warm eloquence of poetic truth, our friendship with Christ can, at times, trip up on the cold, complacent dregs of immediate want. However, by grace, our walk with God does not have to be a summation of pit-stops and drive-thrus, but a continuous celebration at a five-star residency we can call home.

So take a seat and relax in rapturous reception, and relish the fact we don’t have to cave in the hollow, but rave in the hallow. Don’t be afraid to dig into the good life God has for you.

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