The Anorexic Church

Yesterday, the Lord gave me a convicting word, as He probed the inner closet space of my heart. He told me: my people are not only starving, but they've grown satisfied with it.

Then it hit me: We’ve tolerated partiality by sustaining a small appetite for his ways. As a result, the church is suffering, in part, by a twisted form of spiritual “anorexia* athletica”.
So I got to wondering…

If we’re... so content with bite-sized faith, how can we possibly handle the glory of God, whether it manifests in a mighty outpouring…or the next great awakening? Zooming out further, how can we possibly grow in the image and likeness of God or become genuine disciple-makers if we’re simultaneously allowing our spiritual stomachs to shrink? Is it because we’re content with false security? Capped intimacy? Entitlement? Is it because we’re bored with God and have grown numb to the AWEsomeness of His nature and love?

I mean…it’s like we want to feel full as soon as possible, just so it won’t take much prophetic, presence and/or glory to fill us.

Yes, Lord, feel my tiny coffee cup! I left my buckets at home, but whatev…I just want to overflow!

See how “crazy soup” this is?

The psychology practically screams, I'm perfectly content in catering to my limitations. So what if I can "get enough”? And please hear me, folks. I say this as one who is quite unsatisfied with his own passion and desperation, as one who needs to know hunger in fresh, new way.

Bottom line: We need to pray that God takes back the disorder we’ve inflicted upon ourselves. If we’re starving in the spirit, we should want to be hungry! If we're created to thirst, we should want to be thirsty!

It makes no sense to be passive and idle to what we need to survive.

So as we explore what real, radical hunger looks like in the coming weeks, let's anchor our discussion to Scriptural truth, particularly the life and ministry of Jesus. Later on, I'll talk about the application of hunger, after we've dissected the pursuit of it.

For now, I leave with a conglomeration of Psalm 107:9 & Matthew 5:6:
"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for God satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry soul he fills with good things." ~ Matthew 5:6 + Psalm 107:9 (ESV)


* From Jeremiah Theiss: "When an anorexic hasn't had food for a long time, their body stops producing ghrelin, a 28-amino acid hunger-stimulating peptide and hormone that makes the body hunger. Once the body loses its ability to hunger, nutrition must be transmitted through IVs to sustain survival. Slowly but surely, as the body starts to process the nutrition, the ghrelin returns and in time, so does the hunger. Perhaps we have to rely on God to force-feed us until our hunger returns."

Top picture = cover art from "The Essential Church?" by Thom & Sam Rainer
Creative Commons License


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