Being Proactive in Taking Thoughts Captive

Have you ever wondered why some people think they know you? Why some are so quick to assume they got you all figured out…or know what’s best for you?

‘Cause honestly, it’s kinda crazy…
…how knowing everything about someone can be so easily accomplished these days…whether a sneak peek on Facebook, a quick glance at a résumé …or even a few rounds of small talk.

Granted, I’m exaggerating for sake of emphasis…

…but seriously, how did we ever get so shallow…not to mention, complacent about being so? 

Or better yet, why...?

I mean…why is it we rather critique others based on faulty opinions rather than believe the best in people? Why is it we rather slap a superficial label on someone based on their past than believe in how God sees them today? Why is it we rather buy into gossip than stand against a vain assumption or a broken truth?

Is it because we’re afraid what we want to believe and what actually is won’t line up? Is it because we’re afraid of accepting a truth that won’t justify a hurt we’re trying to conceal? Or is it because we don’t want to forfeit our sense of control by a genuine display of grace (especially when we feel worthy of receiving it)?

‘Cause truth is: It’s much easier to think we know, than to know. Whatever the case may be, the fact of the matter is most would rather accept a lie that draws a smile, than a truth that yields anything else…especially when ideas like “what doesn’t kill you makesyou stronger” and “shaking it off” serve as default solutions for anything related to heartbreak.

But what if more people started accepting the fact they don’t know everything? That it’s meaningless to judge when only the tip of the iceberg can be known?

What if…more people replaced time spent cutting others down with thoughts of them reaching their potential…of being better than however they're assumed to be?

Imagine how the world would change if more people dropped theirs stones…

… replacing the urge to condescend with a desire to encourage? Imagine what would happen if more people stopped manufacturing validation and instead, started to unpackage others out of the boxes they’ve been wrongly placed in.

The results would, no doubt, alter the course of thousands, if not, millions of lives…

‘Cause truth is: we were created to be dependent on Christ as our truth filter*…to know not only what to think, but also how to think…and how to live it; hence, why Paul says in 2 Corinthians 10:5 to take every thought (every notion, impression and brainwave) captive and subject it to Christ.

The problem is it’s very hard to do this consistently. And unfortunately, for someone’s reputation, all it takes is one lie to spread into a destructive force.

However, as people created in the image and likeness of God, we can stand against the lies of the enemy by extending the truth of God’s word and love into the broken hearts we encounter.

All we gotta do is be intentional and obedient.

So my encouragement to you is take internal inventory (i.e. examine your hearts) and see if there are any deceptions harboring within you. Then once you’ve composed a list, be proactive in taking those thoughts captive by surrendering every ounce of wasted honor, every little past frustration and every so-called problem to the Lord…asking him to fill those areas with everything that is true, pure, loving, etc (Philippians 4:8) in the process. 

And fear not if you feel victimized by the haters and fakers who think they know you…and patronize you based on their falsely cemented ideologies.

'Cause at the end of the day, all that matters is knowing you're loved by a God who does.


*Or ultimate ambassador of absolute truth
**Graphics from Upsidedown Bee & Biblical Personhood

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