LEGACYouth: "Do You Remember Me?" // Spoken Word

Do you remember me?
And how I came to set you free
The chains of death, I came to break
The sin of man, I came to take

Yet, before nails could pierce my hand
A manger was my promised land
The desert sparkle giving gleam
On son of man, a Godsent dream

The hope of glory, laid to rest
The depths of hell, my life to test

Yet for a time, my skin lay bare
In stable hay, in tender care
My baby anthems shouts of joy
For love divine was now in ploy

Do you remember me?
And how I came on bended knee
How I was sent to become flesh
So you could start a life afresh

Yet, before I could bare your shame
I knew your face, I knew your name
I saw the sparkle in His eye
And that is why I came to die

Do you remember me?
And how I came to turn the key
To reconcile God to man
To redeem His initial plan

Of everlasting life and rest
With all of heaven, highly blest

Behold your King! Behold him dear
For I came to love, for love to be near
So all of men could surely see
The God-revealing light in me

Do you remember me?
And how I came to let man see
Oh, weary world, now full of light
Can you still feel that holy night?

When Gospel peace became our hope
So lasting love could broaden scope

To free all those who trust in Him
To shine His life in places dim

So as you set around the tree
Fear not, be still
Remember me
Written by: Cameron J. Fry

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.


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