The Inception Exception (Level 2)

Have you ever been blitzed by a crazy dream barrage…

If so, let’s just say I can definitely relate the way this month has gone.

Granted, I could spill all the gory details; however, I figured I’d revisit a series started a couple years back instead, considering I did hint at a sequel then…plus I’m trying to be more intentional about finishing my “to be continued” posts these days.

With that said…

…as some of you may recall from my first ‘Inception’ every mind there's a unique set of acceptances, whether true or false, real or unreal. But regardless of their potential, the truth (or lack thereof) behind them as well as their origin can have an immense influence on what is believed and how it manifests.

Thus, when we apply this concept to our dreams, we find while the content may not be real, what can be realized from it certainly is…

…which brings me to why I’m writing this series: that we’ll be able to discern God’s heart as we press through the random reveries and nightmares of life2.

So there I was…in my cul-de-sac of vulnerability…suddenly surrounded by unfamiliar faces wearing suits I used to know.

I knew where I was…I just didn’t know…basically anything else.  

Who were these people conversing around me? And forget where am I…freakin’ when am I?

Am I waking up in the past…the present? Am I here to catch a glimpse of what’s to come…or worse…what could have been? 

Duh, duh, duhhhhh…

And dadgum, subconscious, simmer down! Who said you could be this hyperactive architect anyway?

Well, eventually, the construction pace slows and I’m able to find a picnic table to gather myself. Shortly after, a stranger approaches me like a Mormon walking up to his first house3. It’s here when I realize this guy is a part of Campus Choir, Lee University’s touring ensemble (or ”worship fraternity” as I like to call).

Now, before I continue, allow me to shed some context.

In short, my time at Lee, especially the first semester as a Campus Choir member, was a particularly painful episode in my life. While I learned some valuable lessons in hearing the voice of God…and what it means to be completely reliant, the rejection and ostracization proved too much for me to handle at the time…and the trickle-down effect would culminate in the dark years that followed4.

So for me to be met with any positive interaction from a Campus Choir colleague, I mean…if there was any doubt I was dreaming…this was the confirmation.

But as it turned out, not only did I end up enjoying a pleasant talk with my new dream friend…but would engage a few more before I found myself in Michigan reconciling with two former (real-life) friends who had fallen off the radar a couple years later.

You talk about a “dream tour”! Man…

…it’s like the dream was a walk-through of what should have happened as God intended.

Of course, I had to confront the contrast between what happened in the dream versus what happened in reality upon waking up; however, as the day went on, I couldn’t help but feel refreshed the more I processed.

Seriously…it was like God went all Dom Cobb/Ariadne on me and plunged into the depth of my subconscious to help me realize how…

a) People can (and often do) change over time
b) People can (and often do) move on…though not always the right way...
c) …but even if they don’t, I don’t have to worry about it because...
d) …I’m loved and forgiven…and in general, an awesome guy with a great heart and personality to match…regardless of what others think/say (or rather have thought/have said). Thus, I can trust in trusting God knowing He’s always faithful to illuminate the right path and deal with all our issues5 in His perfect timing.

How great is our God who takes upon our woundedness, our scars, and our master list of embarrassing moments…so He can shine His perspective through the lens He applies to them.

I’m telling you friends: We don’t need a totem6 to find security and comfort. ‘Cause truth is: God not only sets things right…but He makes it real to us.
All that to say: Sorry, Cobb. While you do amazing work, my God is (and will always be) the best inceptor of them all.

Stay tuned next time when I’ll drill down on how we can better recognize and understand what God’s telling us through our dreams.


1) Granted, the first installment was written way back on 5/30/14 (so totally okay if you don’t remember ;)
2) Whether real or imagined
3) Just sub small talk for Mormon Bible
4) Click here for my testimony
5) Lies we’ve received and believed, gossip/slander, stubbornness, unbelief, etc.
6) A totem is an object that is used to test if oneself is in one's own reality (dream or non-dream) and not in another person's dream. A totem has a specially modified quality (such as a distinct weight, balance, or feel) in the real world, but in a dream of someone who does not know it well, the characteristics of the totem will very likely be off

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