Remembering 'Purple Rain'

So yesterday I’m looking out my office window, listening to the gentle pattering of some much needed rain, when I hear “Mr. Purple Rain”, "The Artist" known as Prince, has passed away.
At first, I’m thinking, ‘Oh no, who’s next?’ considering I’d just found out about Chyna a few hours earlier…and usually, when it rains ‘death news’, it pours in batches of three (Historically, has anyone else noticed this?).
Anywho, I know many, especially those “north” of Generation Y, are still grieving the loss on one of American music’s most game-changing (and flamboyant) cultural icons. So please note: I’m not here to pour salt on any melancholy wounds.

However, though I can’t personally relate to feelings of deep heaviness in wake of this particular tragedy (considering Prince’s content/beliefs have always clashed significantly with my Christ-following ambitions), not only can I still sympathize from an anthropologic perspective, but I can use that connection as a means to share about the hope in Christ I carry*.

‘Cause truth is: many people are thinking about mortality right now. After all, it’s a perfectly natural reaction in the light of historic loss. Yet, as tributes and mourning mounts, I can’t help but think about what God wants us to remember in these moments…
  • The fact He draws near to the brokenhearted (Psalm 34:18)...
  • The fact we can cast our care upon Him because He cares for us (1 Peter 5:7)...
  • The fact He holds us as in the palm of His hand as engraved, our walls ever before Him (Isaiah 41:13, 49:16)…
I mean…when you think about it: there’s some serious security in God’s love for us…even in the down, despondent times.

And yeah…I know losing Prince isn’t the same as losing a “loved one”, but I figure since many are pulling out the tissues right now, it wouldn’t hurt to pull out some truth to go along with them.

So in short, while my sorrow may be limited, it doesn’t mean I can’t relate on some level…and it surely doesn’t mean I can’t reciprocate with encouraging sentiments that go way beyond the wishy-washy.

My advice: for those struggling with emotional hangovers today, be empowered to reprieve from the grief…and to my Christ-following friends, be available to be a source of that empowering, while pointing to the ultimate source along the way (*drops mic*).

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