Obey Your Thirst: Why We're Called to be Salt & Sprite

Not too long ago, I was navigating some country minimart in search for some open road sustenance when I came across a fit of nostalgia…a vintage Sprite vending machine (circa 1997-98) sporting a teal-jerseyed Grant Hill back in his prime Pistons days.

Now, I know for most of you, you’re probably thinkin’, “big deal”. It’s just a plus-sized coke dispenser with some washed-up basketball player on the cover.

Ok, well…maybe…

But to put this into context, this goes back to a pre-teen me in a time when my love for basketball was taking off…a time when buying a Sprite was the 12-year old NBA fan equivalent of a capital investment…something you just did if you ever passed a green soda machine with three quarters in your pocket.

Flash-forward eighteen years and I’m frozen in this lemon-lime moment, taking in this blast from the past as if I had descended into a warp zone in Super Mario Brothers

Yet, as I walk away, I note the familiar tagline: Obey…your…thirst.

And then it hits me…this slogan actually reflects the way we’re called to live as God intended! 

Think about it. Why did God create man?
I mean…it’s not like He really needed us, right?

Well, yeah…technically; however, when you consider the vastness of God’s great love operating within His eternal plan, we find a) we were created to thirst for that which only God can give and b) we are called as God’s refreshment to be ministers of His refreshment to those around us…to seek those in need and point them in the direction of the well1 (as described by Jesus in John 4).

Thus, I submit: to ‘obey your thirst’ is to guide people to where they can quench their own

ü  …telling the lost, ‘Come with me! I may not have all the answers…I may be feeling dry myself, but I’ll show you where to find help, where to find peace, where to find joy, where to find unconditional love’…

ü  …telling the hopeless, ‘Fear not. I know someone who can fill you up with the hope you crave’…and…

ü  …telling the afflicted, ‘Don’t be ashamed of your chains. The giver of everlasting life has what it takes to set you free’
… all the while living and speaking truth in love refreshingly.

As Thomas Buchanan once said, “…the goal of the serious Christian life [is] to develop an unquenchable thirst for God. To be so ablaze with love for Him that our cares for everything else pale in comparison…to feel an emptiness when we are distracted from praying throughout the day…to see His hand in everything we touch, His face in everyone we meet…[and] to develop such a desire for God that it cannot be completely satisfied in this life.”

So next time you approach a soda/water foundation, ask yourself, ‘Is there a fountain of living water coming out of me?’ Is what’s flowing out of my life an overflow of what God has poured into me…or am I content in quenching my thirsts my own way?

For everything apart from God is short-term; everything outside of Him has a beginning and an end. But when we allow ourselves to be refreshed by Jesus, we ultimately put ourselves in position to be salt and Sprite to the world…to live an ahhh-mazing life so that as we taste and see that the Lord is good (Psalm 34:8), those around us can be drawn to experience the wonder for themselves.2

In closing, I encourage you to keep obeying your thirst.

'Cause truth is:  Image is nothing, but Christ, our thirst, is everything.

So why not ask the Lord for a drink of living water...and while we're at it... keep pointing people to the wellwhere they can find the same.

Just sayin'...


1) Where they can find living, unquenchable water
2) i.e. taste and see that what we’re tasting and seeing is good as well
3) The more we do this, the more we experience God's ministry of refreshment powerfully inspiring people through us

Photo creds: beclutchsport.com 

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