4 Secrets to Surviving Social Media (Part 1)

I’ll be straight-up honest: I haven’t been the best social media user in the history of social media.

Like many, I’ve abused it as a weapon, an unbridled mouthpiece, a tool to gauge my identity/worth, a means to self-preservation…I could go on.

Granted, much of this occurred during a prodigal, collegiate past, but even now, the struggle can be real from time to time.

So when I recently came across the following YouTube video (see below), I couldn’t help but laugh and cringe simultaneously…

I mean…you talk about hilariously painful relatability. Man…

But in all seriousness, I think the content here is worth discussion. ‘Cause when we consider the contrast between the virtual life and what is actual from God’s perspective, we find substantial divergence in what it means to really 'be’.

With that said, here are a couple of takeaways gained after watching the clip…

Conviction #1: Time to check my social media to see who loves me online. #blessedlife

Ok, so I could drill down on the “to see who loves me” line; however, I’m going to target #blessedlife since the answer here covers what leads up to it.

When I say “blessed”, what immediately pops into your head? Whether it’s a person, a possession, a right, or a job…chances are what instantly surfaces is a picture reflecting a pre-existing reality.

For instance, when I ask myself the question, my mind cuts straight away to my wife and son; however, as awesome as they are, I know the presence of them in my life isn’t what makes me blessed. Rather it’s the truth they have been planted in my life the same way I’ve been planted in God’s hands that makes me blessed. See the difference? For “to make” implies a creation I can’t take any credit for.

So when it comes to what it means to be blessed, the answer is: our lives have been planted in God’s hands and He is constantly making them fruitful, durable, and prosperous.

Think about it: When God blesses man, what happens? He’s helped, strengthened, renewed, and ultimately…made better, right? On the flip side, what happens when man blesses God? Well, we know God can’t be helped or strengthened given he’s perfect in all his ways; however, he can still be exalted and glorified through praise, thanksgiving, and admiration.

Therefore, I submit to be blessed is to bless God as he blesses us…knowing he delights in us as we delight in him.1

Conviction #2: Where’s my phone? It gives me life!

How many of you have forgotten to charge your cell phone overnight and woke up to a dead battery? As a result, you left for school/work late…all the while thinking, ‘Man, I wish I could reset my day and start over fully charged!

No doubt, we’ve all been in situations in which we were low on juice (whether it be joy, compassion, patience, lovingkindness, etc.)…and needed a recharge.

The problem is: we don’t always plug into what gives us life (i.e. the heart of God)... right away.

Sometimes, we forget to plug in completely, other times we plug into the outlet of self-gratification. Other times, we’re plugged into too many outlets…and as a result, we blow a fuse.

Yet, when we consider the summation of Genesis 2:7 + Job 33:4 + John 1:3-4 + Job 10:12, we find all the sense in the world to rely on God as our ultimate ‘life source’…

The Lord God formed man of dust…and breathed into him the breath of life. Yes, the Spirit of God has made us…the breath of the Almighty gives us life. Even now, His care preserves our spirit; He gives to all people life and lovingkindness…as all things that come into being…come through Him.

Bottom line: No matter where we are, what we’re doing, we should always be willing to ask ourselves, ‘who or what am I dialed into’?

‘Cause truth is: At the end of the day, a gadget with an Apple or Droid logo doesn’t give us life. Sure, phones can reveal where “life” is taking place…it can give temporary charge to our electronic products, but it certainly can’t charge the heart, the mind, the soul the way God (and God alone) can.

Thus, it makes no sense to waste energy (or go over our minutes) on what ultimately drains our charge.  Instead, why not realize the best life is the life in which God is the only source of anything and everything everlasting?

Looking ahead…stay tuned for a guest post from my wife, Lyssah, as she finishes out this mini-series with our next two conviction points:
  • We compare and scroll so we’ll measure up
  • My fomo leaves me with #nochill…the World Wide Web is #bae for real
‘Til then, if you have any comments/questions/prayer requests, etc., feel free to hit us up below.


~ Cameron


1. See Psalm 1:1-3 – “Blessed is the onewho delights in the law of the Lord, mediates on it day and night…and becomes like a tree planted by streams of water which yield fruit…who leaf does not wither…”

Photo creds: reallifechurch.org & scaredpoet
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