Purifying the Soapbox: A Note to My Nation

I admit: I’m not the most politically savvy person in the world.

I don’t binge on Fox News, I don’t stalk Twitter feeds, I don’t anatomize GOP columns, and barring an iPhone hijacking, I don’t have a national monument set as my wallpaper; like many, I’m simply an average-Joe partisan trying to surf the media wave without wiping out.

Not to suggest I’m apathetic to recent presidential headlines; I guess I'm just burnt out with all the press-driven drama and negativity surrounding Trump and his inauguration.

Perhaps you’re sittin' there taking in all the buzz feed wondering why we as a culture take justice so personally when we were meant to make it corporately...why we say we want fairness, equality, and representation, when what we really want is our voice being exalted heard. 

If so, I submit there's a pathway non-contingent on entitled opinion bordering on grumbling, complaining, and defamation.

But before we can discuss the straight and narrow, we must first understand though what we believe matters, if we only address governing issues as individuals as opposed to a community...as one nation under God, then ultimately all we’re doing is splitting the curtain between social justice and unity. Thus, how we shape and share our voice regarding authority in a time when self-expression is constantly at our fingertips is worth discussion.

Now I'll be honest: while I agree with some of Trump’s moral political stances, there are plenty of policies and idiosyncrasies I disagree with. Still, it’s because I know what I stand for1 that keeps me on my knees for both president and country. Sure, my beliefs may not completely line up, but as I learned through the Obama administration, if I'm not grateful for the opportunity to sharpen my heart posture, then from a spiritual perspective, I'm taking my freedom for granted.

And for those who think Trump is making America hate again, ask yourself this: with so many weapons in the world already, what sense does it make to add our voice to the list? Sure, we may not agree on every issue, but we can certainly be unified in our attitude towards authority in a way that promotes  hope, accountability, and righteous activism over prejudice and jaundiced judgment, right?

All I know is: whether or not Trump can bring the 80's back, as far as what I choose my attitude to be, I’m content to root for Trump these next four years in the same way I learned to do so for Obama.

After all, if we really want to see America great again, it's not going to happen unless we abide in why we're called the "United" States of America.



1) And stand on...

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