August Rush: Cruisin' with the Musin'

A few journal excerpts from last August...

August 16, 2016

So during my workout today, I was thinkin'...

We live in the past so the past won't repeat itself. The problem is through the self-preservation we prevent ourselves not only from believing we can change/have changed, but that we can live the change among what God has entrusted us with. In many situations, we elevate our fear of the past repeating itself over our desire for/pursuit of community. Yet, what sense does it make to idolize a sin and its consequences, especially at the cost of something God-ordained...something that was meant to be near and dear to our hearts? Are we not then abiding in an infinite loop, recycling our fear of anything and everything apart from God?

I think for many of us the step of faith we need to take in this season is two-fold:Yes, we need to be more intentional in ministering life to anyone God puts in our path, but we also need to be willing to lose ourselves as we receive from Christian community. Don't hide behind a give-only approach or worse, through withdrawal. If you want to be the change you desire, it can only happen in the context of community. Don't focus on people who've moved on or slammed the door in your face. Instead, focus on how God wants to grow you as he guides you to relational wellsprings of life. After all, He's given us every reason to trust in His faithfulness.


August 25, 2016

The other day I was pondering the struggle in relating to those (in close proximity) who keep us outside their arena of care. And as the musing unfolded, I couldn’t help but wonder if what really bothers us in these situations has more to do with the absence of good than the presence of ‘no good'.

For starters, we are called to “not be overcome by evil, but to overcome evil with good” (Romans 12:21). But perhaps you’re like me having wondered, ‘What do I do when I feel attacked more by a lack of good than an act of evil?’

To be honest, I’m no expert on the matter; however, I do believe it’s worth discussion given so many people are longing to apply hope in places where their souls are being sucked dry. Granted, there’s much in this life we can’t control; however, this doesn’t mean how we control what we can is justified. 

For instance, I think for many of us, we have adapted to doing whatever is necessary to keep our heads above water. We’ll scrap, we’ll claw…basically whatever we have to do to feel alive and appreciated.

The problem is when we live this way, we ultimately deprive ourselves of the strength we need to be the change we crave. As a result, we grow hollow by way of prioritizing our need to ‘get by’ over our need to ‘get filled’ by what only God can provide.

Thus, I submit the only way we can troubleshoot the issue…the only way we can triumph through adversity is to sync with God’s love with the intention of blessing anyone with it. And by ‘anyone’, I don’t mean your inner core, those you feel comfortable with, those you agree with, etc. Contrarily, I’m talking about those outside your inner core, those you don’t click with, even your enemies and those content in not giving you any indication your life matters.

See…I think far too often, we want to feel right about the life we’re living; hence, why many, including Christians, manufacture boundaries for their “good deeds”. Of course, when we realize this goes on all around us all the time, it makes perfect sense why voids of goodness and godliness exist. 

My advice: Don’t give in to the voids! Rather stand strong, let God fix/adjust your boundaries, and allow Christ to dictate your thoughts, attitudes, and actions. For when we do this, we position ourselves to be empowered by God’s Spirit (as opposed to what can’t be control)…and to be unconditional in pointing people to perfect love and truth.

So if you feel far from victory today, know full well God wants to be your champion. Even if you feel surrounded by ‘no good’, there’s always a ‘good’ to fall back on.
And that, my friends, is something worth celebrating with the 'anyone's' God puts in our path. 
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