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Individuality, the Corporate Body & the Triune God

Several problems exist within the context of the question, “Why can the church not be thought of as merely like-minded individuals voluntarily coming together for the purpose of worship?” The first apparent fault lies in the word “like-minded.” Not only should believers be like-minded, but united in heart and purpose as well. A follower of Christ must not merely see through the lens of individuality, but understand the body of Christ is corporate.

Applying the nature of the Trinitarian God, according to Dr. Peter Althouse in his lecture on the Doctrine of the Trinity, we would be making a fundamental error if we equated God as three individuals to God as three persons. If the idea of ‘individuals’ is better removed from a Trinitarian mindset concerning the essence of God, so should ‘individuals’ be taken out of the church relational infrastructure. As Dr. Althouse suggests, church, as a corporate gathering of persons, should not be seen as a hub of independence as compared to an ident…