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Upgrading the Church (Part 1)

I’m hearing a stack of smack about the postmodern church needing an upgrade. And with church currently carrying an out-of-tune melody, the declarations hold merit.

How does God view His house these days? And how would He fix the disarray within?

Ask yourself these questions routinely and dare to be unmotivated.

Neil Cole, author of Church 3.0: Upgrades for the Future of the Church, voices this well in his recent release, claiming an organic operating system is crucial concerning the effectiveness of programs, worship methods, and structural issues. And organic, for those who need clarification, is simply the nutritional value (sustenance) of a church’s spiritual life and efficacy to witness.

**Just a quick side note: If you read about this subject matter often, you may find writers indirectly evaluating the church as the latest Microsoft product or a Triple Play Starter Package. – I’ll do my best to veer from this “norm.”)**

Now, I believe the church doesn’t require a complete makeov…

Favor & Fire

Two years ago, I began settling into what would be the breakthrough summer of my life. I regained a solid stride. My outlook recaptured its idyllic state. Electric expectancy became my calling card. And finally, after a grueling transition year, my destiny had gathered some sheen.

Things were looking up then.

But one essential ingredient was missing: the trials. Though new wine of a changed heart had been tasted, it hadn’t garnered a seal of approval. And yes, though I had tapped into some momentum under favorable conditions, the road to freedom had only begun.

Back then, the stark contrast alone between past and present days provided propitious hope. But despite the abounding good, youthful ignorance kept subtle habits (i.e. replaying the past, sporadic forgiveness, belief in certain deceptions) from being completely relinquished. Thus, every defining moment during those summer months lost crucial capability to intimately cement itself to my identity.

I still showcase a smile when …

Loving with Total Strength

The sky couldn’t be more stunning for a June summer day. Blanketed across the sky are dazzling blowoff cirrus clouds whipping with the cumulus, as widespread convection over the Plains and Mississippi River valley stir in their aerial splendor.

Yet atmospheric energies haven’t been the only things churning as of late.

The past few days, my heart has been pounding faster than an “I am Legend” darkseeker. Ok, maybe not that dramatic, but point being I’ve gained some incredible, new life, having joined to an unshakable revelation that had been brewing for weeks. Saturday, the light bulb went off; Sunday, the word was confirmed (thanks in part to an anointed man destined for Pacific greatness).

Once the clock struck noon yesterday, I knew I had undoubtedly heard the heartcry of God.

Isn’t it amazing when the Holy Spirit overflows unfathomable refreshment, even when shame and guilt are inches away?
You see, I’ve been loving people (from those I love most intimately to strangers on the s…