The Fountain as Framework

Many people enjoy some form of photography - capturing moments, enhancing images, documenting prints, etc. And though most snaps lead to decent photos, occasionally a digital click will brush with brilliance. When this happens, the photo product is prepared for greater visibility and security, so that the integrity of the image remains protected; however, for the bravura picture, the key is not in the image itself, but in the framework.

To God, we are all magnificence photos in desperate need of a holy framework. The application challenge tends to split between two camps. In general:

Camp ‘A’ people doubt they are wonderfully made and allow unbelief to rot their sense of worth.
Camp ‘B’ people possess ignorance or misunderstanding concerning the nature of framework.

The purpose of this blog series is to help those searching for spiritual breakthrough, who relate to one or both of these camps.


As down as the world can be, it’s a beautifully insane love that exposes this stage of existence as a framed masterpiece. Whether we believe it or not, our unique tones, tints and tinges were designed intentionally. Unfortunately, many rather manufacture energy into self-repair, analyze dead circumstances and milk misery than pause to picture God’s perspective. Essentially, sensible love is perverted by insensible patterns, polluting what we were created to desire.

How, then, should we contend?

Well, if we want our ‘yes’ to be ‘yes’, our ‘no’ be ‘no’, and with boldness, declare, ‘Yes, Lord’ on the heels of His call, then some adjustments need to be made. A healthy origin permits us to perceive our identities in Christ as stunning works of art. Once locked into this mode, surrounding it with a biblically sound framework, encompassing everything from Christ-based identity to worldview and the faith in between, becomes imperative. The “five-grand” question is what will your framework look like?

Like identity, a framework is unique and should contain collective elements that unify the body of Christ. Let’s consider the fountain. What is the fountain? The answer can be found in Psalm 46. The fountain is a river source, producing streams that make glad the city of God. The fountain serves as a basis for joy, purity and thanksgiving, initiating hope through the refreshing presence of, “a fountain full of grace, [flowing] from Emmanuel’s veins.” In reality, the cross and fountain work in harmonious tandem, separating “pity” from “party”. I don’t know about you, but I believe integrating the fountain into a framework is entirely non-optional.

True, the fountain paradigm is one example among many that belong in a framework. But let’s zoom out for a quick second. When we adjust our lens to see big picture, we discover that when our perspective connects to the Word of God, we see, with greater clarity, the vibrant flushes that fill the painting of our lives. As this process unfolds, absolutes begin to preserve and anchor our faith, exposing this life as a snapshot of anticipated glory. So while we are here on earth, God blesses us with the opportunity to marvel at the giant canvas He is constantly working on – one that carries a multitude of marvelous certainties. And it is by that “fountain full of grace” that each person can play a part in its splendor.

To be continued...

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