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Breaking Taboo

When it comes to favorite pastimes and surefire sources of laughter, I’m reminded of Taboo, the game known for its outrageous cards and legendary buzzer.

Yet, as I pondered the name of the game, upon finding it in my closet, I found myself mentally adrift. In church culture, has the word “taboo” become, well, taboo? And if the answer is “yes”, how do we contend?
Before we pursue answers, we have to realize some key truths about the “church-taboo” dichotomy.
For one thing, the church at large has developed this idea that the unacceptable can’t be corporately discussed - that intolerable is wildfire, only contained if quarantined into smaller fires, extinguished behind the veil of conditioned understanding. However, this type of veil opposes the living, breathing Word of God. Why? Because this version of veil shields believers from deeper dependence on the Holy Spirit. Although secular independence says otherwise, the fact is only God can establish veils and draw the line between accepta…

Make Love to Pressure?

In 2004, Stephen Jackson, shooting guard for the San Antonio Spurs, cemented his legacy in sports media lore when he boldly declared, “I make love to pressure”, referring to his ability to hit difficult shots in clutch situations. Although Jackson’s flair for the dramatic has often transcended into off-court notoriety, with this statement, he inadvertently released silver-linings of truth that we, believers, can rally around, specifically how we merge a Christ-centered approach into the arena of pressure.

Before I continue, permit me to step back a few decades.

I’ve always loved basketball. In terms of athletic uproar, nothing beats the sound of a swished net in an electrified arena with the game on the line. For years, I have retained an enthusiasm for the game as an avid NBA (National Basketball Association) fan, one that started with John Paxson’s game-winning three-pointer in game 6 of the 1993 NBA Finals and carried on through the championship runs of the Chicago Bulls, Los Angel…

Upgrading the Church (Part 1)

Originally published 6.29.10...

I’m hearing a stack of smack about the postmodern church needing an upgrade. And with church currently carrying an out-of-tune melody, the declarations hold merit.

How does God view His house these days? And how would He fix the disarray within?

Ask yourself these questions routinely and dare to be unmotivated.

Neil Cole, author ofChurch 3.0: Upgrades for the Future of the Church, voices this well in his recent release, claiming anorganic operating systemis crucial concerning the effectiveness of programs, worship methods, and structural issues. And organic, for those who need clarification, is simply the nutritional value (sustenance) of a church’s spiritual life and efficacy to witness.

**Just a quick side note: If you read about this subject matter often, you may find writers indirectly evaluating the church as the latest Microsoft product or a Triple Play Starter Package. – I’ll do my best to veer from this “norm.”)**

Now, I believe the church doesn’t req…