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The "Saul Leader"

I may be a minister, but I gotta be honest: The church can be a messy, messy place.
I mean…I know we all like to think the church is a magical place with unicorns, double rainbows, and glittery flowers.
But truth is: the church is no family picnic…especially if its leaders lack unity and interdependence.
Now I admit: there are many exceptional church leaders out there; however, not all walk in their qualification.
Take the “Saul leader”, for instance (i.e. any leader who mars his leadership by catering to jealousy, fear, and/or a lack of humility).
If you’ve ever served under Saul leaders, chances are you know how challenging it is to submit and honor their authority. Perhaps you’ve been burned by a Saul leader unfairly blaming you, spreading gossip about you, or ignoring your counsel. Maybe you know the feeling of other people wanting to follow your lead as opposed to your higher-up.
At any rate, the topic is worth discussion, since many believers today are being intimidated by insecure…

I AM Enough

Imagine preaching for three days straight, feeding tens of thousands of people, and defying the law of physics, only to find yourself stuck at sea with a bunch of clueless comrades.

Quite the improbable predicament, eh?

Yet, in Mark 8, this is exactly where we find Jesus...having to navigate a queer quandary amidst his most intense stretch of on-earth ministry.

Let's set the stage:

Shortly after John the Baptist is beheaded, Jesus channels his inner 'Southwest' and gets away.

And who can blame him? The man had every right to mourn the loss of his cousin and pursue privacy to recalibrate.

Yet, what do we see? The masses find him and start following him.

Now, I don't know about you, but being followed by a throng of stalkerish fanatics after a long day’s work would irritate the living crap out of me. Dare I say…my reaction probably would be something like this:

However, Jesus couldn’t be more contrarian, as he chooses to not only show compassion on them…but heal their sick as w…

LEGACYouth: Rousing Resilience (Part 1)

We all have heroes.

Whether they’re family members or historical/cultural icons…we all have figures we look up to1.

Of course, not all protagonists and champions are alike; however, when we consider their innate qualities, it’d be hard to find any who lacked some form of resilience.

What is resilience, you ask?

Well, for starters, it’s the theme of this year’s Acquire the Fire event (hence, the topic’s prevalence).

Yet, as far as definition goes, resilience bears rich substance2.

In fact, when we dig into Scripture3, we find resilience to be a number of things. Among them...
A refusal to quit…A pledge to stand firm…Courage maintained…Boldness with honor…...and a fearlessness rooted in two instinct-defying words...                     "I can't."4
Now, I know it sounds weird, but when we confess this itty-bitty sentence to God, it not only offers Him great delight, but it also allows us to see just how much “He can.

Why? Because owning our weakness is the first step to being set fr…