4 Family & Budget Friendly Ways to Enjoy the Holidays

We all know Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year wrapped with opportunities to live like no one else by giving like no one else; however, when it comes to our wallet and debt snowballs, it’s often far from the happiest season of all.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to give cheerfully while remaining frugal. Here are 4 family friendly ways to enjoy the holidays without breaking the bank.
  1. Go Christmas light hunting
While cutting outdoor Christmas lights from Christmas d├ęcor may be a solid way to trim holiday spending, this doesn’t mean they can’t be enjoyed. For those who prefer decking the halls without extra power strips, consider taking a family outing to a Christmas drive-through light show, a downtown square, a fancy hotel, or even a reputable neighborhood known for its Christian light displays.

2. Sing loud for all to hear

Remember the scene in Elf when Buddy admits the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear? Well, he’d be correct. Caroling can only be caroling in the context of community. For some, singing may not be a forte by a long shot; nevertheless, it’s still a costless way of livening up the Christmas spirit among those most dear to us or those less fortunate. Whether this involves writing your own Christmas carols, partaking in a family sing-off, or scheduling an all-family caroling session at a local assisted living facility, you’ll find there are many fun ways to partake in caroling around the holidays.

3. Use cash…and customer loyalty reward points

Whether you’re a spender or a saver, having a set ceiling for your holiday budget is important. Yet, when it comes to debit cards, no question, the temptation to overspend is real. If bursting your budget bubble is a concern, why not set up a cash only spending system while using Every Dollar to fine-tune your budget? That way if you’re tempted to go over, you can’t because once it’s gone it’s gone. Problem solved. Plus, if you run out of cash prematurely, you can simply re-direct your giving focus. For instance, you may have redeemable customer loyalty reward points like a free local coffee shop beverage you can use to bless someone else. Bottom line: You don’t have to always buy something to give something.

4. Host a fun family Christmas party

While attending or hosting formal gatherings have their place around the holidays, often times the best Christmas parties are the ones you can enjoy with family in the cozy comfort of home. If you’re searching for a new family tradition, try throwing your family a DIY gift making party. This may include dressing up as your favorite Christmas characters and making baked goods as gifts for family friends. Or you could choose a party theme from Pinterest and create it into an open house for your neighbors. The possibilities are endless.

Then again, that’s the joy of having a merry budget: being outrageously generous, enjoying the process, and intentionally living it all year round.

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