Dare to Deem // Spoken Word

An encouraging word for the weary worker...

Lyrics and Editing: Cameron Fry
Production: Cameron & Lyssah Fry
Intro drone footage courtesy of Clark Lupton
Music creds: "Chance" [Instrumental] by Chuki Beats
Chuki 's Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/CHUKImusic
Additional clip creds: Free HD Stock Footage 4K


And so it begins
This dream against reality
Faith far from totality 
A heart longing for more
Than fluffed up morality 
Yet, still he walks
This hill uninviting 
A reminder each day
To never quit fighting
Each crack on the road
Each ounce of the load
His daily alarm 
To what is still owed
Head up, he steps in
With grey all around
He once was lost
But now he is found
Hate once within
A tale of one sin
‘Twas once overhead
Now new grace built-in
And the reason is plain
The death of disdain
Is due to old bread
Now fresh as new gain
Still the bell tolls 
Men breathing yet dead
Stir doubts in his mind
The point of his tread
When veil is still up
And faith is repressed
Why church it each week
If love's not expressed 
In how you treat 
And how you care
Why pick and choose
Then ‘all out’ in share
If what you trust’s
Not how you abide 
The person you are
Will be stuck inside
A false content
Don’t mean to resent
But sacred meets civil
Is what I consent
And implore you to deem
A notion deserving
That’s more than a theme
But heart-cry preserving
A drive that says ‘yes’
I won’t only follow
But die to myself
And run from the hollow
To love at all costs
Is to hurt often
Still better than praise
And surrender in coffin
So burst free and chance
A break from the dormant
The value in you
Is true and important
But it all points up 
To a place we neglect
The giver of souls
The cause of effect
The maker of heart 
Perfecter of ways
Consider your aim
And center your days
On seeking the cross
To bridge the divide
We bear at a cost
Conserving our pride
And some day
We’re get there
Despite all the pain
Where you and me bask in 
The joy of his reign
‘Til then I press on
The past has no meaning
At least now you get

The direction I’m leaning

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.


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