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Fear Filters

A few nights ago, I received a practical picture from the Lord concerning how the church is to cope with fear. Let me say, before I continue, that I strongly believe God-given illustrations aid in the remembrance and application of devoted execution. So I hope and pray this word bears fruit among the body of Christ.

In the case of this word, filter is the object and fear is the subject. If we combine subject and object into one, then, clearly, we derive what will be our primary term for this particular blog: fear filter.

The parameters are quite wide is defining fear’s framework here: fear of man, fear of the times, fear of failure and rejection, fear of death, etc. Many fears, on a day by day basis, inevitably hit our fear filter. So if heart is the filter, then God is the repairman. However, a filter isn’t cleaned without physical intervention. Before a repairman can work, he must be called first.

We, as one church, must open ourselves up for holy purification. We cannot control w…