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Why Silos Should Die

In modern times, the battle of soul often features manufactured creations formed through adversity, change and reactions to them. For example, when life alters course, many build walls out of preset responses to uncertainty, while for others, construction occurs out of philanthropy...with foundation cemented in yielded faith. Yet, for those who coin barricades to preserve justice through the lens of self, walls can be converted into something far more dangerous, something with far greater destructive potential.
What I’m talking about are silos, fully functional walls that encompass the maker and turn him into captive - prisoners blind to blindness, dwelling in shadows, not realizing that in the fortress of autonomy, no hope exists apart from divine inspiration.
What exactly are silos, you say? Well, that is an appropriate question, in case you’re unsure. But before I dive in, let me just say though not all silos are alike, most silos have several common denominators.
For instance, s…

Spring Up, Oh Well!

Every morning during the work week, I pace a seven-minute stretch between my downtown office and the parking lot off Charlotte and 10th Avenue. At the insane hour of 6:50 AM, with hands in pocket and face to the wind, I saunter upon cracked sidewalks as the shuffle pumps its auditory caffeine into awakening verve. Ascending the hill to 7th Avenue, the rising sun crafts my sidewalk silhouette with rays of hope that set my spirit dancing. And as the shadow greets a revived chi capering out of motions’ shell, life sings its happy song.
Every now and then, however, the hand meets the head scratch, when I realize how such inner festivals are occasionally submerged beneath the doldrums of routine. Despite the unsynchronized rapport between inner celebration and outer walls, my smile soon slants to a linear line at 45°, when conviction gently reminds me how a “Simply Jesus” mindset should and must be visible at all times. If that which is supposed to be transparent, is translucent, or even o…

What's a Girl to Do before 'I Do'

By: Lyssah Ferguson & Cameron Fry

When it comes to interactions between those of opposing sexes, it would be nice if there was a “Godly Pursuit and Response for Dummies” guide.  I mean, I’m not the biggest proponent of math, but some sort of tried and true formula would be nice.

Not too long ago, I read as Sammy laid his heart bear about the pursuit of his wife.  He made some great points.  Guys are up against a gamete of things when they seek to win the heart of a lady friend.  While reading, it hit me.

If it is the guys responsibility to pursue, what is the gals part in the dance we call love?  Are we supposed to be carding wool by a fire somewhere waiting for a suitor to come and sit on the porch in the cool of the evening?  Or do we roll with women’s lib, batting the eyelashes, looking liking we’ve got something to sell and we’re ready to entertain bids?  Or should we just act like nothing’s going on until we get the note asking us to check yes or no to the second grade question …