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Apocalyptic Invasion

Once upon a midnight dreary, an apocalyptic dream ransacked my slumber. And as nocturnal suspense transformed my cozy bedstead into a space station drifting into the ominous outskirts of outer space, I became a front row observer to my own surreality. As I adjusted to alien surroundings and a starcraft under siege, I began to notice some familiar undertones. Then it hit me. The space station was my church, re-designed to help refugees escape an imploding world. Yet, despite its Firefly resiliency and state-of-the-art security systems, the deep-space sanctuary could not evade extraterrestrial attacks from darkseeking reavers. While staff and elders warred against the swarm, women and children evacuated into secret chambers, as the ethereal Helmsdeep scene played on. But as doors collapsed and alarms sounded, panic began to overcome. With climax imminent, all attention zeroed in on a man opening a mysterious, fluorescent portal - our final hope for survival.
Then I woke up.
As I pond…

Parable of a Parody - "Some Nights"

How often are we overcome by the world’s negativity and its effect on us? How often are we overwhelmed by depravity and despair fogging up our understanding of who we are, what we’re supposed to do and why it all matters? Why is it we’re afraid of being known, but also afraid of being overlooked (“I could use some friends for a change, some nights I’m afraid of you’ll forget me again”)? Why is it we split our spiritual drive in half by occasionally pursuing the right thing the right way and pursuing the right thing the wrong way other times. Should we be surprised to end up dazed and confused, frozen by fear? What will it take for us to realize how turning the light on, even in weakness, is all it takes for God to do something powerful within us. The question then becomes: are we putting ourselves in position to do just that? Are we placing ourselves in situations to look up and reach out when the quicksands of life seek to pull us under?
We can become blindly satisfied (“I was never o…

Won to be One

Core Scriptures: Ephesians 4, 2 Corinthians 2:14-17, 
Victory has a way of marking those who believe in Jesus. Whether we know it or not, the light we carry inside us bears a fragrance divinely designed to lead people to Christ. And as we live a life pleasing to the Lord, we grant God access to work through us, allowing His victory to become known to not only the lost and downcast, but also to our brothers and sisters in the Lord. Although our actions do not negate Christ's victory (i.e. salvation, eternal life, conquering death and sin), they have the power to reveal or conceal it, while influencing the quality of unity we experience.
The Bible has much to say about victory in Christ and how we're won by Him (see Romans 8, Philippians 4, Ephesians 2, etc). In the same way we love because we were first loved, we can conquer (sin, self and schemes of the enemy) because He first conquered. Our unworthiness combined with God's worthiness should motivate us to live "a life …

LEGACYouth: Summer Survival Guide 2013


The Perks of Being Accepted

Seldom does a cinematic experience inspire the mind, refresh pensivity and elevate hope in perfect unison. But in case you’re on the hunt for the rare trio, consider Steve Chbosky’s “Perks of Being a Wallflower” (starring Logan Lerman, Ezra Miller and Emma Watson), a film with a savvy script, accomplished by not only blending dark emotional content with charismatic eccentricity, but by merging human delicacy with authentic transparency. Likewise, by abandoning cliché techniques and creating relatable characters, the film does more than stir the soul, but advances perspective through an energizing dose of cadence and originality. And despite its whimsical charm, the heart of the film is never compromised: Sometimes, we just need to roll down the window and look up.
By delicately addressing the deep places of identity, the audience is given the chance to relate to various elements on multiple levels, especially through each character’s emotional intersection. No doubt, this is most succi…