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5 Inspired Lessons for 21st Century Youth Pastors

We live in a time when the church is radically changing, a reality no more evident than among today’s youth. With social climates changing faster than ever, it’s, no doubt, becoming harder for youth pastors to keep pace with modern issues affecting the emerging generation. Yet, while the challenge may seem intimidating, truth is: when we seek to better understand the times and how God uses them to guide us, we can discover powerful truths and applications. Thus, in the spirit of stirred insight, here are five inspired lessons for the 21st century youth pastor… 1) Understand the boundaries of social media It’s no secret 21st century youth live and die by social media. In fact, many of your youth probably define their identity with how many Facebook likes, selfie comments, and Instagram followers they have. As a youth pastor in my 20’s, I get how recent technology has transformed the communicational landscape for better and for worse. But while using multiple social media outlets to reach a wi…

Flash Weather: April 25, 2015 Stormchase Recap

Chase #: 1
Date: Saturday, April 25
Locations: West Point, Leitchfield & Brownsville, Kentucky

Setup:  An area of low pressure approached the Ohio Valley from the northwest on April 25th.  Ahead of it, a strong warm front sharpened across southern Indiana and central Kentucky.  South of the front, sunshine broke out and helped temperatures surge into the 80s, while north of the front temperatures were only in the 50s. At one point, there was a 40 degree temperature difference across the state of Kentucky from north to south!  This strong front helped to focus severe thunderstorm development in the late afternoon and evening hours.  Many of the storms that formed were rotating single storms, known as supercells, which dropped VERY large hail in some locations.

Story: To start our chase, Lyssah & I targeted Elizabethtown, Kentucky, smack-dab in the middle of the greatest tornado threat zone.

Riding along a northbound warm front, we noted dewpoints increasing with temps holding stead…