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LEGACYouth: An Intro to Holy Fear

The fear of the Lord can be a tricky subject.

After all, the concept doesn't exactly strike the favorable first impression.







I mean, it's like saying, "Mufasa" over and over again...

Granted, it can be easy to write off an intimidating idea by way of a preliminary inkling.

But with the fear of the Lord, we're talkin' about a completely different animal (no pun intended).

Consider this: God's intent for fear is the exact opposite of man's idea of fear.

For while man attributes fear to insecurity and anxiety, God associates fear to a boldness rooted in knowing who He is. And when we drill down on what holy fear truly is, we find it to be an emphatic combination of the first commandment (i.e. reject all other gods, and serve the only true God with all your heart and soul) and the freedom we have in Christ.

Furthermore, when we take an aerial look at Scripture, we find h…

Flash Weather: "El Niño Watch"

I know I gotta be careful talking winter weather in the middle of June, but in case you haven't heard, the probability of El Niño emerging and maintaining strength through the fall months has increased as of late. Earlier in the spring, the CPC (Climate Prediction Center) issued an 'El Niño Watch' (i.e. a 80% a weak to moderate El Niño solidifies before the end of 2014), with sea-surface temperature anomalies in the eastern Pacific signaling what could be our strongest El Niño event since 2009-10.

Now, some of us may remember how that winter panned out for middle Tennessee. In this case, I'll let the following videos do the talking...

WARNING: These recordings are highly amateur.
At any rate, I am quite stoked about the prospect of another weak to moderate El Niño winter. Why the cheery disposition, you might say? Well, after doing some middle Tennessee climate research, and sprinkling it with some Excel magic, I discovered a striking correlation between ENSO (El Niño-…

The Case of Sovereign Choice

Last Wednesday during a recent LEGACYouth discipleship gathering, one of our youth brought up the issue of sovereign choice, based out of Romans 9. The main question asked was: does God predetermine "vessels of destruction" to resist His will and be destroyed for the greater good(a classic point on the predestination debate)?

The quick answer is "Yes and no." (i.e. 'Yes' to the notion of determinism, but 'no' to the idea God is conditionally select in the execution).

Here's why...

When we drill down on this passage, we find the answer centered on unconditional mercy, as opposed to wrath or justice. For when God tells Moses, "I will show mercy to whom I will show mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion" (v. 15), He is not implying exclusivity, as this would contradict the unconditional nature of His grace. Conversely, Paul is emphasizing the fact God knows exactly what will happen in the future, and because of this, …

The Grand Ex-ception

I’ve read my fair share about broken love.

From mental health forums to psychiatric advice columns… …I’ve heard it all. And while I’m not a reincarnation of Hitch or a New York Times best-selling author on relationships, I am a humble wordsmith undaunted by subject matter in proximity to my ex-weaknesses.
Not to sound like an obsessive reminiscer seeking reassurance, as if I need to feed off any cliché insecurity.

However, like any normal person, looking to replace past justification with present advancement, there’s a hunger for validation…a desire to occasionally place a specific emotion or experience on the altar to gauge its normality. Thus, I have no problem diving into a stranger’s testimony in hope to glean some illuminating awareness, especially if its content carries the potential for spiritual application. Why? Because hidden within the bunk of a broken world full of broken people are powerful truths ready to be discovered and employed.

So whether I’m reading a story from the len…