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3 Reasons Why Bivocational Ministry is Necessary

Last time out, I talked about three unique challenges for 21st century youth pastors. Today, I'm going to change course a bit and discuss three reasons why bivocational ministry is necessary, especially in the time we live. 1) It Extends Kingdom Power For those who are in Christ, there’s no greater call than to be an extension of God’s life (i.e. fullness, wholeness, and freedom) to the lost1. Unfortunately, for many churches, such life remains concealed by a culturally-dictated ‘separation of church and state’ philosophy. Granted, the relationship between church and state has been controversial since the discovery of America. Yet, despite where the 21st century western church is today, I believe the body of Christ must remain fearlessly committed to farm faith and carry the Gospel torch into secular arenas, especially the bivocational.
'Cause when we dare to live what we preach, we help chisel away part of the wall between culture and church by giving people within our sphere of …

A Declaration of Independence: Finding True Freedom in a Lost World

Well, folks…another 4th of July has officially arrived…
…a day when millions of barbecuin’ Americans raise a flag, fire up a grill, set off some fireworks…and actually make an effort to talk to their neighbors.
After all, ‘tis the season for celebrating freedom… …as one nation… …under God.
But perhaps you’re sitting there like me wondering why the liberty bells seem to be ringing a more bittersweet tune this year, at the same time, searching a solve for that same ol' question that surfaces every Fourth…
What the shrek am I celebrating today anyway?
‘Cause while there’s certainly much to celebrate as one nation under God1, truth is, it’s no secret we’re [significantly] less indivisible than ever before. And while I’m not here to rehash the major headlines of the past five weeks2, these events have, no doubt, underscored our country’s lack of moral compass.
Granted, we may think we’re free in the sense we have individual rights. We may think we’re a nation pursuing justice for all based on…