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Framing the Role: A Guide to Better Workplace (Part 2)

Last week we discussed how ideal human resourcing assesses the inner man not only in hiring, but in training and development.

This week we'll continue our downfield drive by focusing on marketplace education, specifically how employee and employer should approach deeper learning and training opportunities...
 Make Deeper Learning Equal EvidentI’ve been blessed to serve under some laudable leadership over the years.

For instance, during my first summer with TDOT, my supervisor would make sure I understood concepts not only in correspondence, but also behind-the-scenes whether taking inventory at local garages or database management courses online.  Whatever the project, whatever the assignment, he wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing andwhy I was doing it. As a result, not only did I feel regularly encouraged, but I felt driven to reach beyond expectation.

Unfortunately, after a season of turnover and transition, the 'extra opportunity well' would dry leaving certain end…

Framing the Role: A Guide to Better Workplace (Part 1)

We all know there’s no such thing as the perfect working environment. 

After all, work can’t exist without people and to err is human.Still, whether you’re a supervisor, a bivocational minister, or an entry-level employee, chances are you care about how positions are developed and managed.

Thus, in the coming months, I want to unpack some basic concepts businesses and churches can use to frame their roles and equip their employees to thrive in them. 

The goal? To help organizations make the best investments with their best hires to achieve best outcomes. 

Let’s dive in…

1) Assess the ‘Inner Man’ 

As a bivocational pastor with seven years of marketplace experience, I understand there are certain disadvantages when it comes to large and small scale human resourcing; however, I also believe bureaucracy and growth mismanagement don't have to determine how classifications are managed.   

For example, at my work¹, each classification is linked to a job plan involving a specific set of function…

Eyes on the Shore: The Secret to Surviving Life's Rip Tides

Tonight during my work out, I felt the Lord saying there are many out there currently caught in rip tides. Rip tides of fear. Rip tides of anxiety. Rip tides of ungodly belief. Rip tides of soul/spirit hurts. Rip tides of shame. Rip tides of discouragement. 

You get the picture.

He then said, 'Cameron, how do you get out of a rip tide?'

I answered, 'You just wait it out, right?'

'That's one way. What's the other?'

I paused. Then it hit me: the best way to survive a rip tide is to swim parallel to the shore.

So I pressed in some more: 'Lord, what's your point?'

He then said my point is I've given you a way out when the waves of strife seek to wipe out my waves of life. For my shore is shore is the shore is my unchanging, constant will.

All you gotta to do let my shore be your anchor, my shore be your horizon, my shore be your perspective...and then swim alongside it.

No need to react. No need to respond. Just keep track with t…