Vows to Mrs. Fry

"In the beginning was a green-belted sundress with a signature yellow cardigan, adorning a perfect stranger on the edge of my expanding world. And as she stood tall in the fine, autumn sun, life suddenly boiled down to twenty seconds of insane courage. All I had to do was open my mouth. Four conversations and ninety minutes later, the chord of wonder had been plucked. 

In the months following, dreams transitioned into sweet reality.  And as friendship matured into a stronger bond, it became undoubtedly clear I had finally met my co-author in this life, divinely created with my breath so she could take it back from me. 

So as I stand before God and man, I open my mouth once more so everyone here, especially you, may know this:
I vow to love, cherish and treasure you. To honor you. To fight for you. To protect you. To engage you. To not only be mindful of the God-given abilities placed inside you, but to help you discover with greater clarity your unique place in God’s tapestry. 

I vow to be a husband who is your best friend each and every day. To be a God-fearing leader and a servant of the Gospel, who seeks to become more like Jesus by loving you more than himself. 

I vow to pray alongside you in good times and bad. To listen to you, sacrifice for you, and provide a home marked by deep joy. I vow to be a father who will care for and prize his children. To be honest and transparent, faithful and loyal. To be humble, wise, grateful and discerning. 

Above all, I vow to love you forever. To love you for always. As long as I’m living, my bride you will be.

Thank you for waiting, obeying and for choosing me to be the one you spend the rest of your life with. For walking upright with integrity and dignity. For being such a model of God’s grace, especially in the eye of the storm. No blizzard or tornado chase in the world could compare to the richness of knowing and loving you." 

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