LEGACYouth: "Yes" & "Amen"

It was the epitome of fall in a season of rise; hence, why I can still remember the date.

October 29, 2011.

The day my dream of a youth worship team went under construction.

Like most hopeful endeavors, despite early buzz, not all was smooth sailing.

For the first few years, the revolving door would churn out several talented youth and youth leaders. Each time, a setback to momentum. Each time, a temptation to wonder why.

Yet, amidst the turnover, the guest acoustic appearances, and solo keyboard sets, the dream carried on.

By 2014, the tide was turning. New faces in familiar places. The hope of persistence shining over the horizon. Still, it wasn’t until October 26, 2016, almost five years to the day of first practice, that the right blend of talent and teaming would intersect and set the stage for the Gate's first youth worship band.

Flash-forward to two days ago and for the first time I’m playing keys during service (see link below as to why), mesmerized by the fact this is the first Sunday in Gate history worship is being driven by teens.


Near the midpoint of "Yes and Amen",  I'm riding this crescendo of gratitude, caught up in chronology and revelation when suddenly it hits me: Not only does this song title capture the nature of God's promises, but also the journey of this dream!

All those years deeply desiring something I couldn’t single-handedly carry, all those years staying the course despite limited winds in our sails…they had finally landed…

…all because of two words and a faithful God in the middle.

So to my wife, Lyssah Fry​, to Steve Garrett​, Tiffany Minton Puckett​ all the way back to Erik/Stacy Hildner, Matthew Lamson, and the faithful parents in between, thank you for your partnership in pouring into these youth the past five years. Dreams may hatch overnight, but it takes a joint effort to grow and steward them. 

Here’s to more dream culminations in the months/years ahead…


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