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A New Battlefield

Calm are my seas now, my course reset.

The directory has indeed altered, but time and placement have become allies again.

I'm starring out on a familiar setting, sincerely decomposed from the past four months. The year has truly been a jaded battle fought on estranged territory. And yet I feel almost victorious by some miracle, no doubt sustained by redeeming grace and surpassing faithfulness.

With my days at Lee officially sealed, I've begun to find myself again. Amidst the rubble, I've seen new light. And for the first time in months, I'm believing again.

All year long my resolve has been tested and tried.

Coming into this final semester, having been rebuilt and retooled in 2008 in making the leap from battered vagabond to illuminated pillar, I found myself standing at the pinnacle of my college career. I felt confident and complete, a byproduct of cohesion with more inspiriting and synergetic people.
The climb back to wholeness that highlighted much of last fa…