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Coming Back to the Heart of Worship

Louie Giglio once said: “Worship is our response both personally and corporately to GOD - for who HE is…and for what HE has done…expressed in and by the things we say and the way we live.”

Now, in recent past I would have suggested this as a spot-on portrayal of what worship is. But upon further review, my grade has modified to "incomplete". No doubt, our lives speak with worship serving as the mouthpiece. After all, everyone is worshipping something, right*? But while Giglio’s explanation captures the circumference of what worship is, it doesn’t provide the fullest definition as to what the heart of worship looks like, particularly our ‘response’ to God in worship. Truth is: Worship is more than "our response"…and if we're to grasp the entirety of worship, we have to press beyond topical delineations.
But before we continue, we need to set a foundational definition of what worship is…
During a recent LEGACYouth Facedown service, we defined worship as: “Love re…

The Anorexic Church

Yesterday, the Lord gave me a convicting word, as He probed the inner closet space of my heart. He told me: my people are not only starving, but they've grown satisfied with it.

Then it hit me: We’ve tolerated partiality by sustaining a small appetite for his ways. As a result, the church is suffering, in part, by a twisted form of spiritual “anorexia* athletica”.
So I got to wondering…

If we’re... so content with bite-sized faith, how can we possibly handle the glory of God, whether it manifests in a mighty outpouring…or the next great awakening? Zooming out further, how can we possibly grow in the image and likeness of God or become genuine disciple-makers if we’re simultaneously allowing our spiritual stomachs to shrink? Is it because we’re content with false security? Capped intimacy? Entitlement? Is it because we’re bored with God and have grown numb to the AWEsomeness of His nature and love?
I mean…it’s like we want to feel full as soon as possible, just so it won’t take much …

The Exit Millennials

Presented at the 2014 Messenger Fellowship Summit

In contemporary culture, the relationship between young people and the church can be rather complicated. As recent undergraduates and now current youth pastors, we’ve seen many peers struggle to connect with the church. But while young people aren't necessarily turning their backs on faith, they are turning their backs on appearances of godliness that are powerless. Right or wrong they feel that church people are hypocritical; saying that they’re loving, but really marked by partial tolerance. So though many youth are leaving the church in droves, they still carry a desire for the church to be the church. When young adults walk out on church, they often aren’t walking out on God.

Youth, today, possess unprecedented sensitivity. For instance, if young people feel they are the target of an evangelistic agenda, chances are it will rub them the wrong way. Why? Because youth are groomed to value perpetual movement in a distraction-heavy c…

A Bolt from the Blue

Last month, in a rather extemporaneous move, I decided to snowchase down to my ol’ collegiate stomping grounds, hoping to intercept one of the strongest southeastern snowstorms in years. As always, I was pumped to make the excursion, this time, to a place I hadn't set foot in nearly four years. But upon arrival at my Alma Mater, it wasn’t long before my world started to transform into a snowglobe of bittersweet retention…

…and now, after a month of silence, I reflect on past reflections...punching the keys to find truth hidden between the lines… --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It feels like eons since I stepped off the baccalaureate platform and bid my farewell. But honestly, I’m glad it feels like it never happened. After all, the compounding effect maturity appends to time is practically cathartic. Besides, when the new self has no room to miss the older one buried in the ground, does …