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Dissecting Divorce: 3 Truths on Breaking Covenant

So today…I’m going to tackle a new subject after an impromptu discussion on it Wednesday night during youth group.
The subject? Divorce. Duh, duh, duhhh…
Now, before you panic and exit [p]age left, let me offer a few disclaimers:
1) By no means do I consider myself a marriage counseling expert; I’m simply a youth pastor who knows what a happy marriage tastes like and what the Word says about it.
2) By no means do I want to come across as insensitive to what some readers may be going through. So please understand it’s my earnest desire to broach this post with utmost humility.
‘Cause truth is: there’s much for me to learn on the matter; however, I hope the little I do know can be effective, insightful and…dare I say enlightening.
With that said, as many of us are aware: divorce is both a relevant and prevalent issue in society today. And as a pastor of students, a quarter of whom are struggling/have struggled with divorce in the family, it’s an especial concern. Yes, I know it can be "t…

Rethinking Community: 3 Truths on What It Is & What It's Not

I’ll be honest: sometimes, I don’t [fully] understand “community”.
I mean…I know we were made for it. I know God ultimately is it.
But I guess I just don’t know how to [entirely] live it the way we were intended.
Granted my perspective is a tad crusty…dare I say, cynical…on account of more friends fading away in recent years, not to mention the demographical disadvantages in places where connection should be happening.
But skepticism aside, I do wonder if part of the confusion is tied to the increasingly blurred line between perceived “community” and proximity.
For instance, with proximity, you’re generally around people who are apathetic in knowing you (classic ‘don’t know, don’t care’). I see this at my work all the time. If you’re ‘different’1, then people are indifferent. As a result, cliquey cultures abound and those on the outskirts are treated as outcasts.
Contrarily, with community, you’re around people who are, at least, open to the idea of actively seeking relationship/koinoni…

LEGACYouth: Savor the Labor

Sunday Messages Notes - September 4, 2016

Well, guys, tomorrow is the first Monday of September and you know what that means...

A time when white clothes go out, sales come in, summer holidays are over, and classes begin (at least for our west coast friends ;) For most, it’s awelcome day off of work or school, ahead of what is likely to be a busier month than the last.

Yet, while we recognize Labor Day as an annual holiday courtesy of thelabor movement,dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers, for many it's still a mystery why we celebrate it.

Let's see if we figure anything out from these clips...

So based on these clips (and a little side research), we celebrate Labor Day to honor those who strove for fair compensation, safe working conditions, a valued labor force protected from exploitation...and the weekend.

But perhaps you're still , 'How does this apply to me as a Christian?'

For starters, I submit we honor Labor Day simil…