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I Came, He Saw, We Conquered

Not long ago, I went on what I thought would be just anotherlunch break, which at the time, involved a ride down Charlotte Avenue or a walk to the Farmer's Market. After starting my car to an empty gas tank, I decided to drive to the nearest Shell and grab a parking spot to check my e-mails before fueling, as per my usual routine. 

But on this day, something felt different...something I couldn't quite put my finger on but sensed just as much.

Perhaps it was the fact this day, of all days, was literally the hottest day in Middle Tennessee history...complete with sizzling sidewalks and the herky-jerky mirages that make your head spin. 

Seriously, not even the best AC unit in the world could've provided adequate alleviation. Granted, it's hard to combat 109 freakin' degrees of Sahara heat, not to mention an Amazon's worth of humidity. 

At any rate, like any normal human being would do in a similar situation, I rolled down my windows to catch a refreshing breeze willin…

He Will

We can't ever stop to dwell  On shadows that mar  The beauty of now For holy is the verb that Permits today's tranquility  That anchors love to nobility In the wake of sun We all are still prodigals Yet what side of favor Will we let define tomorrow And the choice we have  To press through While looking up For that is what we're called to do Made to do Without hesitation  And without fear In light of heavenly sorrow And sweet vicissitude Pages fill with perpetual grace Granting life a higher range To find perfect heart In perfect song It pierces past with enlightening peace And splendor fills in With assuring truth  To help me see Help you know We can, but He will

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