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Being Proactive in Taking Thoughts Captive

Have you ever wondered why some people think they know you? Why some are so quick to assume they got you all figured out…or know what’s best for you?
‘Cause honestly, it’s kinda crazy… …how knowing everything about someone can be so easily accomplished these days…whether a sneak peek on Facebook, a quick glance at a résumé…or even a few rounds of small talk.
Granted, I’m exaggerating for sake of emphasis…
…but seriously, how did we ever get so shallow…not to mention, complacent about being so? 
Or better yet, why...?
I mean…why is it we rather critique others based on faulty opinions rather than believe the best in people? Why is it we rather slap a superficial label on someone based on their past than believe in how God sees them today? Why is it we rather buy into gossip than stand against a vain assumption or a broken truth?
Is it because we’re afraid what we want to believe and what actually is won’t line up? Is it because we’re afraid of accepting a truth that won’t justify a hu…

What Pastors & Superman Have in Common

We see our pastors as many things.

Counselor, motivator, preacher, scholar…the list goes on.

But let’s be honest: sometimes, it’s easy to imagine them as something far greater than they really are…

…like a super-hero straight out of a Marvel comic, loaded with heavy artillery, always on guard to defeat the darkest forces of evil.
However, regardless of what we like to think, pastors aren’t superheroes.
They don't shoot lasers out of their eyes, webs out of their wrists or leap buildings in a single bound. They don’t possess Asgardian power, cyberpathic links…or the ability to save the world with
incredible displays of Bible trivia and prophetic insight.
On the contrary, what pastors share with our dream heroes are much less enviable.

But though they may not possess earth-shattering superpowers or battle alongside valiant sidekicks, they still carry enormous responsibility.

For instance, not only must pastors fearlessly lead while warring behind closed doors, but they also must demo…

LEGACYouth: The Apostles' Creed

Part 1

Today we're going to talk about the Apostles' Creed...what is it, what it's saying, why it's important, why it's relevant.
First...what is a creed? 
creed is a statement of beliefs...that guide a person's action.
In the case of the early church, a creed was more than a summarized set of beliefs, but also a representation of what they had in common (Acts 2:44, 4:32).
Historical Context: As the Christian church spread throughout the first century Roman world, there was a practical need for local churches to have a basic statement of beliefs. As false teachers began to bring in strange ideas, Christians needed to know: "Just what is it that we believe?" Some of these churches only a few books of the New Testament, perhaps some of Paul's letters or one of the four Gospels. But none of the churches had all the New Testament. They needed a standard to judge whether a teaching was truth, or heresy. Furthermore, the early Christians realized that new pe…