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3 Takeaways from LEGACYouth's #LoveAkronTour

So last week, I took a team of LEGACYouth up to Akron, Ohio on our #LoveAkron tour (i.e. the second stage of #oneepicsummer). No question, the experience was a smashing success, especially considering we were blazing a new trail in our ministry.

However, after reconvening with the team last night during our weekly discipleship gathering, it became clear we needed illumination on how to live out and sustain acquired momentum. After all, sometimes it can be far too easy settling into counterfeit contentment in the aftermath of a 'spiritual high', freezing what God wants to do in the satisfaction of what He has already done. 

For me, I just can’t bear or dare to go there1. So instead, as an act of consecrated processing, I present you a reflection post outlining my top three ‘Love Akron Tour’ takeaways…

1. We knew why we were there before we got there

Two days before tour kickoff, I felt the Lord tell me, “Don’t go up to put on a show, but open the door for me to show up. For when I…

Integrating Ministry & Marketplace: The Temple Template

As mentioned, the vocational life is hard work.

Early mornings, long days, rough nights…if you wear multiple hats and juggle multiple question, you know the drill.

Yet, as tempting survival/‘just get 'er done’ mode may be, truth is: we were never meant to live this way.

Yes, strategic compartmentalization can center the gravity of focus and break busy days into doable, bite-sized moments; however, when we consider our identity as effective influencers in light of Jesus' ministry,  we ultimately find...

aWork (what we commit our hands and minds to) and faith (what we commit our beliefs to) were never meant to be mutually exclusive.

b) The marketplace can be just as much a hub of powerful, life-changing ministry as the church1.

Take Matthew 21:12-17 for instance…
After Jesus kicks off the triumphal entry (v. 1-11), note the first place he targets (i.e. the temple - v. 12) and the reason why (i.e. to cleanse it).
I don’t know about you, but when I consider the fac…

Obey Your Thirst: Why We're Called to be Salt & Sprite

Not too long ago, I was navigating some country minimart in search for some open road sustenance when I came across a fit of nostalgia…a vintage Sprite vending machine (circa 1997-98) sporting a teal-jerseyed Grant Hill back in his prime Pistons days.

Now, I know for most of you, you’re probably thinkin’, “big deal”. It’s just a plus-sized coke dispenser with some washed-up basketball player on the cover.
Ok, well…maybe…
But to put this into context, this goes back to a pre-teen me in a time when my love for basketball was taking off…a time when buying a Sprite was the 12-year old NBA fan equivalent of a capital investment…something you just did if you ever passed a green soda machine with three quarters in your pocket.
Flash-forward eighteen years and I’m frozen in this lemon-lime moment, taking in this blast from the past as if I had descended into a warp zone in Super Mario Brothers
Yet, as I walk away, I note the familiar tagline: Obey…your…thirst.
And then it hits me…this slogan a…