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5 Lessons Learned from 'It's a Wonderful Life'

I don't know about you, but I love watching Frank Capra's, "It's a Wonderful Life". Whether it's the charisma, the story arc or the underlying message, there's simply something magical about the experience, especially this time of year.
And so...after attending a recent matinee showing at the Franklin Theater, I couldn't help but leave reignited...stirred by fresh perspective and driven to seek its application. 
Thus, in the spirit of seasonal illumination, I present you with five inspired musings from "It's a Wonderful Life" based upon my most recent viewing.

1) You can't loan love.
While the plot's periphery outlines the decisions and dealings of George Bailey, the heart of the film flies on his character. Take away George's compassion, and suddenly, you have a stalled storyline with significantly les…


I’ve always loved Christmas lights.

The sparkle. The illumination. The flair of color.

 The whole works.

In fact, when I was a toddler, rumor has it I would break down crying if a light burnt out or if a bulb broke (Clearly, I wasn’t aware of a magical, little thing called a spare).

Regardless of infant emotions, point is: it didn’t take long for a fascination to spark.

And as I grew older, I made it a tradition to put up the outdoor Christmas lines every Black Friday, while the rest of the family focused on internal décor.

So as I recently returned to my big box of lights and started decking the brush, I couldn’t help but wonder how Christmas lights are actually fitting reminders as to why we celebrate the season as passionately as we do.

For before Christ could come to be the light of the world, there had to be a willing vessel with the faith to contain it. Pretty crazy, eh? To think at any point in history, a teenage girl would accept one of the most sacred calls in bearing the Son of God…

LEGACYouth: "Do You Remember Me?" // Spoken Word

Do you remember me? And how I came to set you free The chains of death, I came to break The sin of man, I came to take
Yet, before nails could pierce my hand A manger was my promised land The desert sparkle giving gleam On son of man, a Godsent dream
The hope of glory, laid to rest The depths of hell, my life to test
Yet for a time, my skin lay bare In stable hay, in tender care My baby anthems shouts of joy For love divine was now in ploy
Do you remember me? And how I came on bended knee How I was sent to become flesh So you could start a life afresh
Yet, before I could bare your shame I knew your face, I knew your name I saw the sparkle in His eye And that is why I came to die
Do you remember me? And how I came to turn the key To reconcile God to man To redeem His initial plan
Of everlasting life and rest With all of heaven, highly blest
Behold your King! Behold him dear For I came to love, for love to be near So all of men could surely see The God-revealing light in me
Do you remember me? And how I came to let ma…

Flash Weather: So You're Dreaming of a White Christmas?

Thought it would be fitting to post a brief weather update on the day of my 10th prime birthday... I'm going to be honest: the weather outside doesn't feel anything like December...which is rather anticlimactic and depressing; however, we did have the 7th coldest November on record here in Nashville, so a reverse/seesaw pattern isn't too surprising. Around this time every year, I get asked if we'll see a 'white Christmas'. The last two times it's happened here in Nashville was 2010 and 1993...and climatologically speaking, we see one in Nashville every 14-15 years. Thus, I wouldn't invest in the idea of one this year, especially if you buy into the law of averages. 
However, the main reason I doubt it will happen this year is due to the current positive AO/NAO, which is bottling up the colder air in Canada and causing the northern snowpack to diminish. If you check out the first map (valid on 12/14), you'll see a classic ridging setup over the eastern …