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Burning the Right Way

Last night I received a short and sweet revelation.

As the workout run morphed into prayer walk, that numinous* communication cable inevitably reached a new signal.

You see, the past few months, I’ve been inundated with a fresh hatred of sin. Words cannot express how much I loathe moral failures, selfish endeavors, indulgences, satanic plots, etc. Not to sound as if this is a recent development, but the level of repulsion has indeed raised lately, no doubt due to an increase of awareness concerning its sly and destructible nature.

But I wonder if a righteous passion should ever be primarily rooted in hating sin, hating hate - even if that hate owns necessary property within. Should there exist a healthy unsettlement that overtakes us when disgust seems to be dominant over love? Should we live our lives with the burn set more in the direction of adoration and grace as compared to the despising of wickedness?

In other words, which should be the leader: A love for faithful righteousness,…

Vision vs. Mission

Whether within a church, business, or at the epicenter of one's personal life, understanding the difference between mission and vision is imperative. Today's Gate leader/staff retreat touched a bit on the comparison, thus signaling the research guru to come out of the shell temporarily.
Vision, in essence, is not measured by what is achieved as compared to what is eternal. V. Vision "always is." It's the happy place, a source of refuge and firm foundation. The vision should NEVER change. Contrarily, the mission is the means the vision is carried out. A mission should be allowed breathing room to transform according to newness of vision, as it certifies to what is real by God's standards. The mission WILL often change. So attempting to find permanent criteria to a mission statement could open the door to future discouragement. The reality is often times the methods of carrying out vision require tweaking or refining down the road; however, this does not transla…