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Kingdom Aligned: Why the Unshakable Church Builds on Unbreakable Family

In Hebrews 12:27-28 we read, "This phrase, 'Yet once more,' indicates the removal of things that are shaken-that is, things that have been made-in order that the things that cannot be shaken may remain. Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken..." 

In light of so much shaking in the world, it's fair to wonder where and how the church must better align to the kingdom.
While the answers are many, I believe the church’s approach to apologetics and family discipleship is key to her unshakability. As culture continues to redefine identity and blur the line between love and tolerance, many believers are struggling to combat new deceptions and make a case for their faith.
This leads me to two important questions:
1. While the church may be conveying truth, is she allowing it to be tasted and seen?
2. Is the church delighting and trusting what she's demonstrating? If not, how can we expect those outside the church to do the same?
Again, th…

3 Things Leaders Know That Everyone Should

It’s been said, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way” (John Maxwell).  But let’s be honest: How well do we live all three together? 
I know for me, there are times I neglect to model what I know and others I forget to seek what I don’t. 
Yet, when I consider Maxwell's words, I'm reminded how what I know as a Christian leader must ultimately inspire others to become more.  So for the next couple months, I want us to focus on practical and powerful ways we can better demonstrate the qualities that make us who are...where we are. In the meantime, let's start off with three things leaders know that everyone should… 1) Be Stubborn to Love
Whether we’re serving in marketplace, ministry, or extra-curricular roles, it’s important we see what we do as an extension of God’s love in motion. But perhaps you’re like me having wondered how to do this consistently in the face of busyness, prejudice, distraction, etc.? 
If so, I submit to step up our love, we must s…

LEGACYouth: Increasing our Decrease

Going off the ‘D’ statement, we find four components in motion: Increase my love for your supremacy (God’s power/authority)Increase my trust in your wise purposes (includes God’s perfect timing)Decrease my personal influence Increase my joyful faithHowever, before we can break these ingredients down,  we must first define “decrease”...

Decrease: Dying to self in a way that allows God’s kingdom¹ to come into greater view.
With that said, we can better understand how this "D" applies in John 3, where our two mortal protagonists, Nicodemus and John the Baptist, are coming to terms with their “decrease”.
For Nicodemus, Jesus is challenging him to see the kingdom of God as separate from any earthly kingdom and to know Christ as the only way to that kingdom; however, for John, Jesus is essentially inspiring him to do what he had been doing (i.e. to make a way for him baptizing in his name )... a different way

This leads me to an important realization: though seasons may change, thoug…