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The Anointment Appointment

Well, folks, it's that time of year again.
Easter. A chance to buy some chocolate bunnies, meet new faces making their annual liturgical appearance...and experience the wonder that is the 'spring Thanksgiving' equinox.
Okay, I'm being sarcastic. 
I guess in short, I just can't help help but wonder why Easter is so culturally abused, let alone how it keeps sneaking up on me. I minute I'm taking my wife out for a nice, romantic Valentine's Day dinner; the next, it's Daylight Savings...Palm Sunday...Good Friday. the time I arrive at Easter, it's like I'm already out of breath! 
Thankfully, I've lived long enough to recognize both the trend...and the need to soak in specific Easter Bible passages during Holy Week...the most recent beingJohn 12.
In this passage, Jesus is chilling and dining with Mary, Martha and Lazarus1 (having recently been raised from the dead), when in vs. 3, we find Mary pouring out a pound of pre…

One Voice '16 Reflections

So there I was…Monday morning, 8:30 am…snaking my way through the chaotic labyrinth that is BNA security…when I suddenly heard a still, small voice gently whisper…
‘Listen first, speak second.’
At first, I wasn’t sure what to think.
Are you talking about One Voice?’ I replied. ‘Yes.’Ahhh,well then, okay, God...

Granted, I had no idea how hard this would be at the time, but considering…
a) I knew God was up to something and... b) ...I wanted to be ready..
… I figured sparking my expectancy with an unhesitant ‘Yes’ made perfect sense.
Well, as it turned out, such a response would not only align my focus in the moment, but also prep my heart for one of the most memorable1 summits in Messenger's tenure.

But before I continue…for those who couldn’t attend…while I’m still in a posture of processing, what I can say is God not only unified hearts through encounter, but also strengthened them through a stronger, more intimate understanding of what “remaining in God’s love” looks like.