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Inside the Boxscore: The Craziest, Wildest Week of Fantasy Football...Maybe Ever

They say fantasy football is a game based on luck and skill, a social experience extending beyond the game itself. But as a seven-year vet coming off his most inconceivable weekend of play, it's hard to be so sure anymore. Yes, fantasy football is an unpredictable showdown involving hours of research, analysis, and anticipation; however, other intangibles like coaching changes, career histories, injuries, roster moves, and sabermetrics can also impact league outcome.

Personally, if you ask me, fantasy football is more a statistical war of attritionthan a sum of luck and skill. But in case you prefer proof rather than taking some random guy's word for it, consider my week 14...a week in which three of my four bubble teams qualified for the playoffs in some of the most statistically improbable ways.

We’ll start off with ‘Green Initiative’, a team ironically void of its inspiration (i.e. AJ Green…who by now has been dropped with a season-ending injury).

In this scenario, my team is …