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Flash Weather: 2014-15 Winter Weather Forecast

Well…it’s that magical time of year again when I switch into “winter weather forecasting” mode and spend a couple hours a day immersed in regional weather forums, computer model output and teleconnection analysis.

Now, I’ll admit…I’m just an amateur. I don’t consider myself professionally qualified nor do I trumpet this forecast as more valid than others out there. ‘Cause truth is: I’m just another voice in the chorus of passionate weather freaks hoping to accurately play-call the most entertaining yet most unpredictable season of all.

However, unlike the past two years, I have greater confidence in my understanding of what will happen during the upcoming meteorological winter. Despite tasting the bitter dregs of busting on a forecast (i.e. 2011-12), I’ve also triumphed in the victory of calling it right-on (i.e. 2013-14). And with my accuracy score improving every year, I have high hopes that this favorable trend will continue.

Although there are numerous meteorological criteria by whic…

Setting Boundaries in Bivocational Ministry (Part 1)

As young pastors in bivocational ministry, we've had to learn many things on the fly. From working with volunteers and engaging with older staff to developing curriculum and teaching the Gospel to diverse audiences. But perhaps the hardest element we’ve had to adjust to is boundary setting. ‘Cause truth is: with limited time and relational opportunities, providing pastoral care while faithfully holding down multiple day jobs can be challenging. Knowing when to sacrifice, when to engage, when to say 'yes', when to say 'no' ... ...I mean, let's face it: it can be doggone hard discerning the right move at the right time, especially without a solid game plan. Yet, we don’t have to feel helpless or lost in the dark. ‘Cause when we look at Scripture, we find that game plan in Christ and his ministry. Now, for many, when we think of Jesus, we think about the cross, a parable he taught or one of his many miracles. But perhaps one of the most underrated aspects of his ministry …

Looking Back on 9/11

I remember as if it were yesterday…

…a perfectly autumn morning brimming with tranquility…rocked by unprecedented terror. The hope of just another day…suddenly a distant afterthought as news of unfolding horror began trickling in…

No question, the events of 9/11 still haunt us.

I know for me, whenever I hear 9/11, it’s hard not to think back on the events of that fateful day.

After all, it’s the most devastating and defining tragedy in our nation's history.

In fact, I'm sure many of us can remember exactly where we were when we first found out what was happening in New York and at the Pentagon...frozen in shock and confusion. 

Yet, despite the pure insanity of that day, not every memory I have of 9/11 is a negative one.

Looking back thirteen years later...perhaps the most vivid memory I have of the day was sitting around the dinner table with my family...talking, crying, processing, and warring through the emotion and pain...together.

We didn't hold back. We just let it all out...…