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Brother of the Bride

Last Sunday, I watched my little sister walk down the aisle… …swept away by her knight in shining amor.
The only person I’ve ever prayed into being, finally the glowing bride she’d longed to be.
It was a beautiful day…in every sense of the word.
But it wasn’t easy... …not even close. Why, you might ask? Well…let’s just say I’m still figuring it out.
All I know is when the day first started, I wasn’t too sentimental. In fact, the brunt of any emotional barrage came in the form of parental sympathy, knowing they were just hours away from being official empty-nesters for the first time in almost thirty years.
Yet, as I watched my sister’s eyes sparkle, glimmering in the joy of her perfect man, I started to melt.

For my little sister wasn’t so little anymore.
Granted, she’s probably the most mature 21 year-old you’ll ever meet…
…not to suggest I’m just now noticing that.
Truth is: anyone who’s ever known my sister understands the elegant chic and class she’s always carried, not to mention her cari…

Setting Boundaries in Bivocational Ministry (Part 2)

In part 1 of this series, we talked about the importance of intentional boundary-setting in ministry.

Today, we’re going to explore the difference between walls and boundaries…and begin an introductory discussion on how pastors can effectively establish these boundaries (whether personal, ethical or relational). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let’s face it: You like being a mystery…camouflaging into an absorbed agenda…hidden behind the veil of an appointed title.

I know I do.

Granted, there are times when a desire for transparency wins me over.

But for the most part, I like the security of knowing I’m not easily decipherable. Just being honest.

Now, irony aside, you can tell I’m being conspicuous about my preference of being the exact opposite.

Yet, chances are, you’ve read this mail before and would, thus, diagnosis this as a wall-setting mindset (as opposed to a boundary-setting one).

However, …

The Dangers of Self-Medicating

A couple months ago, my life went into a crazy tailspin.

For about a month, I experienced relentless stress, anxiety attacks…and the kind of fatigue that makes a sick day an attractive option just about every day.

At first, I figured I was simply enduring a transient anxiety episode (especially since I've had depressive ruts before, though not for prolonged periods of time). But once I realized this so-called “bug” was taking deliberate root within, I decided to run some self-diagnoses from multiple sources to determine what was going on.

It didn’t take belong before I discovered a cold, hard fact…

I had dysthymia
…a chronic depressive disorder with a paralyzing punch.
Considering I didn’t know a whole lot about the condition, I elected to keep a lid on the issue, fully convinced the struggle was better left concealed than revealed.

But after months of silence, I started to realize how siloing my struggle wasn’t helping anything.

So I wrestled…and wrestled…and wrestled some more.…