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1 Corinthians 13 Revisited

It’s interesting to note how Paul wastes no time in likening love as the most powerful expression of intentional devotion in verse 1. Often, inspirational homilies begin 1 Corinthians 13 at verse 4, immediately jumping into intimate details, without explaining why framework is equally essential. But Paul contrasts this tendency by shedding light on love’s framework before guiding the reader on a tour into the heart of God’s love, while also enhancing the passage’s structure (i.e. verse 1-3 bookend s verse 4-12 with verse 13).

Perhaps the most important takeaway from this “prelude” is: God’s love is required to be alive. Without love, without the most authentic foundation divinely designed to be at the core of everything, we are walking dead. Before sacrifice and surrender, before any application of God-given gift, there must be a root system connected to a life source, which is none other than God’s perfect love. With framework applied, we can believe in an unfathomable love, far gre…

Grace in Place

This morning I woke up to my body clock, impeccably timed, having erroneously set my alarm four hours past due. Not intentional, of course, simply a slight slip-up of one mere key stroke. Yet, as the clock revealed 6:03 AM, plenty of time to dress and depart, I couldn't help but smile at refreshing irony, the kind wholesomely reflected by extant ether. With each tick and tock synced to the inaugural rise of October light, the pitter pats of a new month, a new day, warmed me to the contrast of 56 rejuvenating degrees. And as skyline met peripheral on the vocational road, I inhaled the grace that awakened me, breathing new life into understanding, abet not only by punctuality, but by mended perspective.
Pit, pat, pit, pat - the blades faithfully whisk the raindrops, as fervency presents my musings to grace. And as the burn for coffee subsides, the moment encases me, with time whizzing into a furious lapse.
Suddenly out of mind, grappling with grace again
The sweetest symbol in the e…