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The Power & Place of Prayer

Life has turned a corner, as April days, anointed with grace, remain authored by noble themes (a). Releasing the right to gasconade (b), I write to a variant tune. For I boast in the godly sincerity (c) of holy change, made complete by the challenge to fully embrace it. As vanilla twilights (d) amass, I am encouraged to press on into the fullness of faith, accepting the courage to step up and stay up (e). Filtering out any trace of “Me Monster (f)” from this blended brew, I write with the hope of triggering hope, especially on the heels of James Goll’s message on the power and place of prayer. To understand the power and place of prayer, we must first accept the truth that God cares more about the heart, intimacy and His love extended than insecurities that christen prayer as mundane, redundant and unnecessary. Prayer is the pre-requisite to perpetual faith. As A.J. Gordon (g) stated, “You can do more than pray after you have prayed; but you can never do more than pray until you have…

The Hunger Games & The Cross

Since the release of “The Hunger Games”last March, much buzz has surrounded both film and book. As views and revenues have increased, blogs seeking to crack the mystery of the franchise’s popularity have spiked. Like Katniss with respect to Capitol officials, the series has caught unprecedented fire, leaving an upbeat impression on most, including myself; however, as a disclaimer, my reactionary process will be honed, several cuts above par in comparison to that of teenage weenies everywhere. Unlike the virtual norm, this note will compare the heart of "The Hunger Games" to something other than politics and contemporary society. And as much as I would love to elaborate on my notion that "The Hunger Games" is a three-way cross being ancient Rome, "The Truman Show" and "Lord of the Flies", I will instead turn direction to a place seldom referenced to when discussing all things "Hunger Games". After all, it is Passion Week, and the greate…