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Do the Dew: A Commentary on Judges 6-7

Thoughts inspired from last week's LEGACYouth house church...
When God calls Gideon to deliver Israel, it’s interesting to note how quickly his response turns from ‘why me’ to ‘how me’. I know as a kid I used to give Gideon a hard time thinking his response was more like Zechariah than Mary; however, upon further review, it's fair to justify his hesitancy considering a) his social place within tribe and family and b) his tribe’s physical place (i.e. hiding in mountains and caves as eastern tribes destroyed their crops like locusts).
Granted, none of these issues ultimately mattered; still, like Moses and David, God was calling forth a weakly perceived deliverer from a wilderness whose past was significantly secondary to his well as what needed to be known in the present (i.e. his identity, his called; in the case of Gideon...who he was as a mighty man of valor).

So while we tend to think of Gideon as the Old Testament equivalent of doubting Thomas, I submit he's …

Rethinking "Bivocational"

For those who’ve been following us the past few years, you’ve probably noticed how I often branch “bivocational” into two camps: those who work multiple secular jobs and those with a gig in the ministerial arena1. However…in recent months, I’ve begun to question if this approach best captures the contrast.
‘Cause truth is: we’re all ministering something…because we’re all worshipping something. Or to put it another way…we’re ministering something because somehow, someway (whether we realize it or not) we’re being continually empowered to attend the needs of someone else…whether a co-worker, a boss, a family member, a friend, a loved one, etc.
Now, before I continue, let me clarify this one point: when I say ‘ministerial arena’…I am (more often than not) talking about those who provide full-time or part-time service under the occupational ministry umbrella, but this doesn’t mean I believe other umbrellas are inferior.
Contrarily, I view all callings as unique given what God creates, as…

Fly the W: Cubs Win, Cubs Win!

Written November 4, 2016

I remember the summer of '95 like it was yesterday.
A doughy little lad of 9 years, fresh off a mission trip to Seoul and a series of doctor’s appointments in which I was literally told to stop eating seconds, I was all about two things: 1Jim Cantore /John Hope on The Weather Channel (very active hurricane season…look it up) and 2) Chicago Cubs baseball.

like most mid ‘90’s southside converts, I couldn’t get enough of the legendary Harry Caray, his underrated partner in ‘prime’, Steve Stone, the pre-steroid Sammy Sosa, the consistency of Mark Grace, the defensive reliability of Brian McRae, the sage shortstop play of Shawon Dunston, home runs hit to Waveland Avenue, and the goosebumps every time I heard, ‘This is America’s #1 sports station, WGN-TV…Chicagooo…’ 

To put in perspective, an afternoon of Cubs baseball, for me, was the equivalent of going to Six Flags during a severe thunderstorm watch. Each week, a fresh slate of opportunities to watch my favor…