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In recent days, I've felt fairly overwhelmed with anxiety and stress. In a nutshell, I just wanna be married already (#sixweeksleft) and know where Lyssah and I will be living post-honeymoon. I'm sure many of us have been there before in one form or another.

But during this time, I've also been thinking about the Coke Zero 'And' commercials and how spiritual twists can be derived from secular advertising.  And the more I've connected effective marketing strategy to personal application, the more I've been able to gather important revelations from them.

For instance, last week, I'm talking to God in my quiet time...doin' the whole Philippians 4:6-7 and James 4:2 thing...and then, out of nowhere,  the following dialogue breaks out...

"God, I'm worried about this not working out."

God says, "And!?!"

Then I say, "I'm also nervous about not experiencing immediate breakthrough in this area of my life."

God, again, says,…

Sing for [His] Absolution

For years, I have shared an appreciation for progressive, electronic rock, particularly groups with unique blends mixed among multiple sounds and genres. Thus, it should be no surprise why Muse is one of my favorite bands of all-time, especially after hearing them open for U2 in Atlanta in 2009.

Flashing back to the concert's opening sequence, Muse pulled out a familiar hit – the cleanup song from their 2003 album, entitled, “Sing for Absolution”. As their classic echoes resonated through the stadium, lyrical beats began to stir a place of conviction: What kind of fabricated absolution has our culture defaulted to if we sincerely believe “our wrongs remain unrectified…our souls unexhumed?”

The more I pondered, the more questions poured in. What does real absolution look like and why do we live as if we lack a resolution for it? As if self-affliction is essential to change? As if setting relational limitations is sufficient enough to cover inadequacy?

Since then, I have repeatedly cro…