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The Fountain as Framework

Many people enjoy some form of photography - capturing moments, enhancing images, documenting prints, etc. And though most snaps lead to decent photos, occasionally a digital click will brush with brilliance. When this happens, the photo product is prepared for greater visibility and security, so that the integrity of the image remains protected; however, for the bravura picture, the key is not in the image itself, but in the framework.

To God, we are all magnificence photos in desperate need of a holy framework. The application challenge tends to split between two camps. In general:

Camp ‘A’ people doubt they are wonderfully made and allow unbelief to rot their sense of worth.
Camp ‘B’ people possess ignorance or misunderstanding concerning the nature of framework.

The purpose of this blog series is to help those searching for spiritual breakthrough, who relate to one or both of these camps.


The Hope of Transformation

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The spiritual landscape among 21st century youth is undergoing a radical transformation, which is something I realized first-hand a few weeks ago at the 2012 Acquire the Fire Conference in Nashville. During the closing session, the atmosphere of the auditorium became thick with the splendor of God’s love. As the worship progressed, God directed my attention to the ceiling, where I could see salvation streaming down upon thousands of exuberant youth. With His presence raining down like confetti, a widespread sense began to resonate: God was not only being celebrated, but was celebrating with us.

Soaking in the richness of God’s presence, I could feel a breakthrough. For decades, younger generations have been yearning for a true move of God – for revival stories of old to be realized today. In a building supercharged with holy energy, God was turning desperation and dissatisfaction…