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3 Underrated Life Lessons from ‘Elf’

Every Christmas, I somehow, some way...find myself taking in another round of 'Elf'; after all, you leave your TV on long enough during December, it's bound to happen.

Although the movie isn't exactly my cup of tea, I'd be a cotton-headed ninny muggins if I said there weren't any truths tucked within the movie's many memorable moments.

So in the spirit of modern day parables, here are three underrated life lessons inspired by the movie worth eating up this holiday season.

Jovie: “It IS a crappy cup of coffee.” Buddy: “No, it's the world's BEST cup of coffee.”

Believing the best isn’t always easy. I know for me, I’d rather ‘get real’ with what’s in front of me than entertain what’s outside of me. Yet, I also know, while honest assessment is certainly a fair practice, when it becomes boxed in by circumstances, opportunities to shin…

Prepare Him Room

I don’t know about you, but I love this time of year.
Granted, it’s 70 freakin’ degrees and our only hope for a white Christmas lies in a water and sodium polyacrylate amalgamation (thanks, El Niño blowtorch).
Then again…it’s not like Christmas hinges on what can be tangibly felt…be an emotion, a moment, or an unfavorable teleconnection with ridging tendencies.
Of course, you know me; I could go on about the Grinch-like weather and other seasonal interferences like a mopey cotton-headed ninny muggins.
But I figure a) nobody got time for that and b) there’s way too much goodness worth discussing.
‘Cause while the weather outside is NOT frightful…with certain situations far from delightful…truth is: God has given us a place that is rightful… …where all is still well and all is still bright.
But perhaps you’re like many who aren’t feeling so hot1 right now, fatigued from a difficult year and/or stressed by the perilous times in which we live.
If so, then I encourage you: take heartfor you ar…

Turning 30

They say turning 30 is a watershed moment in a person’s life, ushering with it a greater sense of confidence and clarity.

But for me…at least right now…I have no clue where to begin.
After all…it’s not every day you phase into a new decade.
Granted, I can appreciate the hearty buzz of a “happy new year”, the cordial texts from family members, not to mention the amusing Facebook comments from “friends” you’d least expect.
But this year…I can’t help but feel clouded, caught amid a ‘spectacular now’ and the rocky roads far past…yet faintly visible in the rear-view mirror.
*Sigh* I suppose what I’m trying to say is:I’m not ready to be 30.
I don’t feel it, don’t look it, and quite frankly, want nothing to do with it.
Not to sound cliché or anything; I get why people audit their value1 when they approach meaningful age markers.
I guess it’s just…though there’s much to look forward to and much to be thankful for…I just don’t know how to process my 20’s. I figure if I find a solution…any sol…

Living ThanksgivINg

I’ve always found Thanksgiving to be one of the more “amusing” days of the year. 

We get the day off, we immerse ourselves in good food and tradition...not to mention we have a valid excuse to give sweatpants a workout.

But perhaps you're like me and  have wondered why Thanksgiving is so undervalued in spite of all this.

I mean...yeah, Thanksgiving gives camaraderie and healthy dialogue a platform.

But at the same's still a mere shadow of what it used to be (i.e. a partial celebration of individual fulfillment2...with an emphasis more on what we do for one day than who we are...and have the privilege of being... 24/73 ) when we compare to its original intent.

Thus, I'd submit it's fair to re-evalute Thanksgiving and to consider the day as more than an appreciative celebration over what we have. After all, we call the day Thanksgiving (as opposed to ‘Thanksgetting’; cough, Verizon, cough) for a reason.
And hear me...I'm not saying we can't voice gratitud…

Do You [Elihu]?

Have you ever had to “get real” with a friend in distress? Perhaps you’ve been in a situation where saying what needed to be said felt like threading a needle with a haystack...or a roundhouse kick to the trachea.   
No question, we’ve all been there at one point or another. 
But while stirring a storm in [seemingly] tranquil seas is never fun1, there’s something to be said about the willing word spoken at the perfect time.
‘Cause truth is: whenverbal courage2isexpressed through patience and fearless articulacy, it carries the power to inspire change.
Enter Elihu, the unsung hero in arguably the most underrated book in the Old Testament (i.e. Job).
While most of the chapter’s content surrounds Job and his three misguided amigos, Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar, it’s not until chapter 32 until Elihu breaks in and gives them counsel worth adhering to.
For the next six chapters (32-37), Elihu puts on a ‘confrontation clinic’, where he constructively critiques Job’s assessment of his own suffe…

Braking Forgiveness

Have you ever had a revelation shortly after a favorable cinematic or musical experience? Perhaps the delight and insight seemed disjoint at first, but after mulling it over, you realized, ‘Hey, I can string these two together to capture a powerful metaphor?
Well...let’s just say that’s where I am now as I write this.
First, allow me to divulge the insight…
Lately, I’ve been reading about the wounding/forgiveness relationship and how unholy tolerances of [seemingly] minor deceptions can lead to deeper heart issues. As a guide, I’ve been soaking in Terry Wardle’s Wounded: How to Find Wholeness and Inner Healing in Christ, where he not only shares testimonies of people who conquered unforgiveness, but provides a sequential, biblically-based prescription on how to defeat it as well.
His first point, in particular, caught my eye: “Do not move to forgiveness too quickly”. Now, could Mr. Wardle have been looking for a contrarian perspective to kick things off? Perhaps.
But having pondere…

LEGACYouth: The Importance of Being Excellent

One of my favorite 80’s movies is Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. I mean…you talk about a blast from the past in more ways than one. This movie, man…it definitely qualifies. Not to mention you get to see Keanu Reeves show some actual emotion for once in his career. 

But in all seriousness, with all the ‘Back to the Future’ talk this week, I couldn’t help but think about the movie, particularly the iconic speech scene when Abe Lincoln proudly proclaims: “Be excellent to each other… and party on dudes!’re probably wondering why the random movie reference.

Well, let’s start with the word “excellent”; specifically…what does it mean to be excellent?

When we talk “excellence”, we normally associate the term to satisfactory or above satisfactory performance…which isn’t too surprising considering we’re conditioned as kids to think as such. Even as adults, the tendency is to discount excellence as a quantitative assessment. Yet, when we consider excellence is more an integri…

LEGACYouth: 3 Ways to Better Communicate with Your Parents

A parental relationship is one of the greatest gifts we're given in this lifetime; unfortunately, it's one of the easiest to take for granted as well. While reasons may vary, no question, the majority of youth-parent dysfunctions feature some sort of breakdown in communication. The big question is: what's really driving it? Certainly, like any stronghold, there are roots feeding the heart of the issue...but though identifying them can feel like an insurmountable challenge, the process is undoubtedly freeing when fully dialed into.

What this post will seek to do is give credible, practical solutions on how young people can better communication  with their parents for more holistic relational improvement.

1)Be quick to listen, slow to speak…
Being at odds with your parents is never fun; however, if you think about it, what drives a disagreement has more to do with a fear of being misunderstood than a difference in perspective.
Case and point: whenever I’d disagree with my par…

Flash Weather: 2015-16 Winter Weather Forecast

Well, folks. We’re only one week past the autumnal equinox…and I think we all know what that means…
…break out the fall décor, have yourself a very merry pumpkin space latte, and check Cameron’s blog for yet another preliminary winter weather forecast.
Now, I’m not gonna winter weather forecast for middle Tennessee last year held up rather well. Granted, I normally don’t toot my own horn considering I’m just a humble, amateur meteorologist in it for the love of the science; however, after the multiple ice storms and ankle-biter snow events we experienced between January 23 - February 21, I’d have to say my “B+” grade, in terms of activity and magnitude, was the correct call.
So as the leaves start changing and the days grow shorter, I’m sure many of you are wondering: what can we expect this winter. Well, I’m so glad you asked.
Last year, I itemized and graded certain atmospheric criteria to obtain an overall grade for the winter. This year, I’ll follow a similar approach (…